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3 Reasons to Wear a Face Mask

A cloth face mask, sometimes called a nasal mask, is a facial mask designed of fine textiles, most commonly cotton, worn in the mouth and nose to provide respite from inhaled irritants, and to keep mucus clear. When physical distancing is not possible, and when other effective masks are unavailable, cloth face masks offer an affordable, convenient alternative. The cloth variety has many advantages over the more well-known plastic variety, including a tight fit that prevents shifting, the ability to be worn multiple times with multiple items, ease of cleaning and disposal, and the resistance to abrasion and distortion.

For decades, pandemic preparation had to be done in small isolated areas, often with low hygiene standards. But with increased globalization and integration of the world economy, the global community has come into closer contact with each other. This globalization has also brought more people into contact with a variety of diseases, resulting in the globalization of disease. Although hygiene standards in countries such as India have been meeting for many years, outbreaks of new diseases like the swine flu in recent years have caused a concern among the general public. These outbreaks have been manageable through mass marketing and mass communication in general, but now it is time to take a serious look at the possibility of widespread pandemic preparedness.

A face mask can be very effective at preventing the spread of a wide range of diseases; especially viruses, which spread through contact with the infected person’s face and eyes. Viruses can enter through cuts in the skin, or via a tear duct that is either weak or completely blocked by the other sinuses. When a virus enters through one of these routes, it can quickly spread throughout the body. A face mask can help prevent the spread of several viruses, including: hepatitis A, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A, Listeria, Shigella (or strep throat), SARS, and Swine Flu.

Another use for a face shield or face mask is for odor control. In a very small area, a tightly woven cotton fabric, such as gauze, can filter up to 100 times better than air. Sweaty hands cannot filter air as well as a thick layer of fabric. However, if this same area is covered with a thick layer of smelly sweat, it will not filter air as well as a thick layer of cotton will. The next time you want to take a hot shower, consider investing in a high quality face mask. By covering your nose and mouth, you will be able to breathe easily, eliminating the stench of chlorine and other strong odors.

Finally, one of the most common reasons to wear a face shield or surgical mask is for comfort. The idea behind a surgical mask is that it should cover the entire head, with no exposed parts. It should be comfortable and easy to wear, without the need of straps or chin straps. The truth is that a surgical mask is far superior to a regular mask in comfort, but even the best surgical masks still fall short when it comes to comfort.

A great design feature of some masks is the ability to spread the droplets of water from the nose in a wider area than just the ears. This is known as the ‘rainbow effect’. The most effective waterproof face masks will have an advanced sensor to detect any leak and direct treatment to reduce or stop the leak. Some of the more expensive models may even be able to spread the water further to the cheek and forehead, as well as to prevent it from leaking to the back of the throat.

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