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4 Ways to Use Custom Face Mask Printing

Custom Face Mask The largest choice of face masks is available for you to choose from. Choose from two different sizes: small and large. Both features removable elastic bands over the ear. Features pocket to store carbon block (optional). The large size comes with three extra pockets on each side. The small face mask comes with one pocket and is easy to put on and take off.

Face Masks With your choice of face masks, your custom printed cloth masks will be a big hit. Custom printed cloth face masks are used for a variety of events including fundraisers, conventions, meetings, concerts, seminars, fairs, parties and other corporate events and occasions. Face printing is a unique way to make a statement about your company or organization. Some of the popular imprint areas include: logo, name, team colors, mission, slogan, school colors, corporate branding, etc.

Fashion Statement Printed face masks can make a bold fashion statement. If you want to promote a brand or a product, these printed fashion statement masks will add an extra flair to your promotional event. A pop art mask in your trade show booth will make a statement about your business, attract attention and be a conversation starter. The same goes for wearing a clown face mask at your wedding reception or bachelor party. Add fun to any event with custom printed face masks.

Recycle These cloth masks can make a great reusable item. They can be reused at parties, charity events, fundraisers, concerts, tradeshows and more. You can create as many of them as you need to make a great impact on your audience and potential customers. You can use them as guest favors or give them as promotional gifts at your next business event, trade show or charity event. The options are endless.

Fun Custom printed face masks can have a lot of fun and amusement. Create your own design or find pre-made designs online. Wear them as fun party or corporate favors or give them out during contests and competitions. They can be used as fun Halloween costumes for kids and adults alike. When used as a marketing tool they can increase brand awareness, raise awareness for a cause or just create some extra conversation.

Ear Loops Many businesses and institutions use custom masks as promotional giveaways. They can be given away as employee appreciation gifts, special event prizes, and for employee training purposes. Custom ear loops make a nice impression as well. Ears are something that people notice right away and custom ear loops can be worn for a very special occasion as well.

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