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5 New Facial Styling Trends for 2021

Custom face masks are now a modern-day symbol of respect, purity, and virility for our safety and the protection of others. Face masks in general communicate more than just one’s thoughts or emotions. They speak louder than words ever could, which in turn will keep you safe when crossing the street or in your home, school, church, or place of business. These masks that fit over your entire face can be an excellent shield against the many dangers that we have to face each day in this crazy world.

Printed Face Masks will not only protect you, but also makes a statement about your business or organization. If your company is promoting a positive message, then a custom face mask with your company logo on it, is a great way to get the word out there without costing you a fortune. A custom-face mask is a unique way to promote your brand. Here are a few more ideas of how printed face masks can help you to get the message across:

Customize Your Reusable Face Masks – Using your logo as the key piece of the artwork can help people identify with you. People enjoy receiving a customized mask designed with their likeness and their image in mind. The design can be anything that you like such as: animals, letters, words, or just a picture of you. These personalized masks can be taken and used daily and will continue to please you for many years to come.

Reusable Face Masks – Washable Custom Face Masks If you purchase a design that cannot be washed, then you are not only saving money, but you are also saving water and energy. A lot of the facial designs that we use and love can only be washed two or three times before they begin to disintegrate. This will also save you the trouble and aggravation of having to wash the masks more than once. Some people love to throw their washable face masks in the trash and wish that they had gone the eco-friendly route instead. Well, by the end of the day, you will probably find that all that dirt was worth it because they are made of washable material and can be re-used over again.

Ear Loops Are Back! – Now, ear loops can be added to the mix! Although custom face masks can be embroidered, the addition of ear loops will give you the ability to not only have embroidered designs on the face, but to have the ear loops personalized as well. Choose a set of ear loops that go from your chin up to your neck and have the artist draw a design onto your earlobe then have it sewn into place creating an overall look that is unique to you and your unique sense of style.

Think Outside the Bun – There are some really fun ways to use custom printed face masks to jazz up your look. For example, if you have an animal print or floral print of some sort, you can take that same print and use it as the top of your hairband. If you have a bright yellow skirt or shirt, you could add a bright, cheery color to the bottom part of your bow tie. You could have custom printed face masks sewn onto the front part of your work-a-day blouse. The possibilities are endless. So, consider these ideas the next time you are in a bind and need a quick and easy way to make a few changes.

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