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5 Popular Facial Styling Options

Custom Face Mask

5 Popular Facial Styling Options

Personalized face masks allow you to express yourself while out and around. Embroidered or screen-printed face masks allow you to express yourself by putting a unique spin on the traditional mask. Embroidered or screen-printed face masks can be used for many functions, including:

Personalized Cloth Face Masks. No matter what function your customized cloth face mask serves, there is a premium choice that will suit you. Popular premium materials include high-quality cotton, Terry cloth, heavy canvas, and heavy vinyl. All have a unique look, soft feel, and longevity that make them a preferred choice for everyone from baby boomers to the young at heart.

Personalized, Face Masks For Memorable Photos. Custom printed or screen-printed face masks can bring your favorite photos to life. If you or your loved one has a favorite photo or image that would look great printed on a premium mask, it’s easy. Simply pick out the design and photo, and you’ll have your mask in no time.

Screen Printing Design. When it comes to quality custom printed face masks, screen printing is the choice of professionals. Premium fabric face masks made with screen-printing technology to provide a durable and high-resolution image that can be easily embroidered, printed, or screen-printed on any solid surface. Premium fabric face masks are designed to last for years to come. If you’re looking for a unique mask for a special event or a custom photo shoot, consider using screen printing technology. With a large variety of fabric options, you are sure to find the right design, color, and size to fit your needs.

Embroidered Design. In addition to custom printed face masks with screen printing technology, you can also choose from a wide array of pre-embroidered or hand embroidered designs. Pre-embroidered designs offer a more personal touch by including a monogram, name, or symbol to customize the mask for a truly unique look. If you prefer a hand embroidered mask, the options are even more varied.

Neo Helmets and Earloops. Whether you’re heading out to the club, the dance floor, or a corporate gathering, you want your whole look to reflect your individuality. Customized earloops and face masks available through premium manufacturers allow you to be as unique as ever. Choose a stylish messenger style, a sleek leather shell, or go for a more classic look with a steel frame. No matter what you’re looking for, you are certain to find the perfect mask to complete your look.

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