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5 Popular Options for Custom Face Mask Printing

Face masks are useful for many purposes, but most commonly they are used for Halloween. You may think that these items are boring or old-fashioned, but there are so many new and exciting options when it comes to face masks. The key to finding the right mask for your needs is to know your face shape. Everyone has a different face shape than another, so one Halloween might be suitable for you, but your friend’s face may not. Here are some suggestions for face mask choices:

o A Custom Face Mask – If you are looking for a unique custom face mask for Halloween, but you know your face is pretty standard, a standard imprint area mask may be just what you need. Many printers now offer pre-made face masks that include an imprint area where you can add your own design or pattern. Try a custom face mask with a single pocket for your contact lens, toothbrush, or cell phone. Have a large selection of disposable allergy and mouth masks on hand to go with the one you order. These masks come in a variety of fun patterns and colors, so you will never have a problem finding one to suit your next costume party.

o Face Masks – If you want a more inexpensive option for custom face masks, you can always opt for washable options. These masks are designed to be washed after every use, which can be a hassle if you don’t have the time to wash them before using them again. Washable face masks can be found in a variety of colors and patterns, including funny clowns, cartoon characters, and more. These printed options are also easy to clean after each use.

o Recycled Face Masks – If you’d rather go green, there are some recycled face masks available to fit your lifestyle. These eco-friendly options boast no toxic materials, making them a great option for your next party or event. With durable PVC, they will outlast the typical printed reusable masks, which are not made to stand up to repeated washings.

o Machine Washable Face Masks – If you have your heart set on having your next event feature custom printed face masks, but do not have time to wash them yourself, opt for machine washable options. These are typically made from a polyester mesh and are designed to dry quickly after each use. You can choose from various colors and prints, including black and white, bright colors, and more. Because these printed face masks can be machine washed, you never have to worry about them getting dirty, even after every use!

If your event calls for a custom face mask, you should consider all of your options. One way to reduce your options is to decide what type of mask you want, and to make sure that the face mask can be machine washed. You may also choose cloth face masks if you want a more organic look, and wish to avoid using polyester mesh. Whatever you decide, you are sure to be happy with the unique look for your next event will have!

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