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5 Types of Custom Face Mask Materials

Whether you are seeking to minimize the negative effects of the weather on your skin or you desire to make a bold statement in your next rave, you could create a complete pack of four or eight custom face masks suitable for whatever event or occasion. With printed face masks you will be able to make a statement of your own, express your sense of humor, show your distinct sense of style, or simply stand out from the crowd. Adding your name, company name, or a slogan to custom face masks will give you an advantage over all your competitors in that very unique environment. When designing printed face masks for your team, make sure to include your company logo, website address, and any other information relevant to your business that will be seen by everyone in the crowd. This way, even if no one knows your business, everyone will still recognize you.

If you have a corporate sports team, consider printing a custom face mask that includes your logo, colors, and other information pertinent to the team. Consider adding a sponsor’s logo and other signage relevant to the sport you represent, if it applies. Your printed mask may also include your mascot, or another animal that illustrate your unique brand. In either case, don’t be afraid to be a little creative. One great idea is to go with animal designs or a cartoon character, but remember to keep the concept of your printed mask clean, sharp, and colorful. Don’t fill the mouth with a soft material, because that will only cause irritation to the wearer.

Printed Face Masks for Outdoor Adventures Considers dye sublimation printing, which uses heat to transfer colors from an acrylic coating to an aluminum alloy core. Dye sublimation printers can create anything from full color to low-resolution images with outstanding quality. They are usually cheaper than other types of printers. These are also great for creating custom face masks because the printed image can be placed on any solid surface, such as wood or vinyl. These printers heat up to produce color, so the masks created using these are excellent as they won’t fade or wash away in the sun. For outdoor use, you’ll want to avoid the extreme temperatures that these masks will be exposed to, so choose a printer that offers high-gloss UV protection and anti-ultraviolet coating.

Fabric Face Mask Many hospitals, clinics, and schools use fabric face masks, because they are comfortable and durable. They can be worn by patients or visitors for long periods of time and are easy to clean. However, most fabric face masks are not medical grade and may not be suitable for some applications. Be sure to confirm with the supplier what types of face masks are appropriate for your purposes.

Woven Polypropylene Face Masks Woven polypropylene is made from a synthetic material that allows it to have the same feel as natural hair. These woven masks can be washed in a machine or hand-washed in warm water and are available in different weights and thread counts. Because of their durability, they are sometimes used as disposable masks, although many opt to wash them once or twice a year. They are great for protecting your skin while still looking fashionable, and the woven polypropylene fabric makes them very easy to clean.

Elastic Straps Some face masks come with elastic straps included, which make it easy to create the perfect fit and appearance. Elastic straps attached to the bottom of the mask to create more comfort for the wearer, and helps prevent the mask from sliding down when worn. Elastic straps attached to the top of custom face masks have the same benefits, but allow you to adjust the mask’s height and width based on your face size and style. This feature is perfect for those who have oversized heads or large cheeks.

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