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5 Uses For Custom Face Masks

Custom face masks allow you to express yourself creatively while out and about. Brighten up any occasion and create personalize personalized face masks to match any mood! Or get creative and make your own personalized mask for that extra creative boost to your snaps! Get your picture ready, set up your camera and click away – because there’s no other way to really express yourself!

Brighten up any boring day: Have you ever felt low and tired all the time? Are you constantly plagued by thoughts of wishing that you had some bright and shiny hair instead of that dull tangle of a head of brown locks? If so, you are not alone! Millions of people around the world are starting to experience the joy of having their photo printed on bright personalized face masks. Brighten up your mood with a custom-face mask and be on your way to a more colorful and vibrant life.

Fun Parties: Do you always end up looking and feeling your age at those boring, dull, summer parties? Face painting, balloon animals and zebra prints are fun ways to add color to your next party. Choose from bright pinks to purples, blues and multi-colored designs to jazz up your next party. Customized face masks are the answer to making that special event into a bright, fun-filled occasion that kids remember long after they have gone.

Custom cloth masks are a super alternative to spending money on expensive plastic masks: Did you know that face masks made of thin vinyl have the exact same look, feel and cost as those featured in your favorite magazine? When it comes to printing photos onto your face, magazines are out-of-date and out-dated! Why not use a beautiful piece of vinyl that will never fade or stretch, will never go bad and can be washed easily? When you choose to order a customized face mask, you will receive your print as soon as it is ready and will never have to worry about seam strength, color fading or the shelf life of a generic mask. Your vinyl mask will be an item that is a permanent part of your wardrobe.

Ear Loops: Do you have thick hair that needs to add in order to keep you from being embarrassed when wearing that cute tank top? Maybe you’ve been working hard all summer but you just want to relax in your bikini instead. Face coverings such as customized ear loops are the answer. By ordering adjustable ear loops, you can adjust the loop’s height to any level you wish. No more bending over to put on your sunglasses, – simply slip your ear loop on for a look that says, “I’m cool, I’m hip and I’m sexy.”

Disposable Face Packs: As we’ve all known, the environment is taking its toll on our carbon footprint. If you are tired of disposing of disposable cups and plates at the end of the day, why not skip the disposable plastic and purchase your own reusable water bottle? Customized water bottles can be made with your name or a logo, so you always have a handy reminder of where you last took a drink. Customized dishwasher/wetware bags are another item that makes great custom face masks because they can be used to re-bag dishes after the party and to store party foods for up to 3 days after the event.

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