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6 Feet of Custom Fit Face Masks

The face mask was originally used during the times of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia civilizations as a method for cleaning the pores of the skin. Facial cleansers were not commonly available to ordinary people so facial masks were an easy and affordable way for the commoners to be able to clean their faces. They were also used by the royalty as a way to clean their skin of any dirt or pollutants that had been absorbed by the soil in which the palace was built. Although face masks were often used during this time period, they have a much longer history and are now commonly used by modern society.

A hand sanitizer face mask is essentially a porous cloth mask utilized to clean the nose and mouth, typically using cotton as the material. While effective, hand sanitizer nasal masks are often not available and if physical distancing is impossible or undesirable, a simple hand sanitizer cartridge can be used in place of the cloth. When purchasing a sanitizer nasal spray, it is important to note that most brands contain alcohol; a fact that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to use a face mask during a cold or flu outbreak.

Droplets are sometimes included in surgical masks due to their ability to capture viruses and bacteria on a molecular level. Droplets are most effective when first applied, and should not be used as a daily facial cleanser, but rather between meals or just before going to bed at night. Because viruses and bacteria can cling to the surface of the surface layer of the skin, surgical masks can often be utilized as a last resort for fighting these types of threats. However, droplets offer a far quicker and more targeted means of cleaning the face than surgical masks.

While all healthcare settings have the need for effective disinfection of the face, the hands and the nose are also exposed to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. To this end, healthcare workers must also be kept abreast of new techniques and procedures that can help reduce the risk of exposure to infectious agents. Disposable face masks are commonly used in these settings, as they are easy to store and use, often saving healthcare providers and patients both time and money. While the health and safety of patients are often a primary objective in the use of this product, disposable face masks serve a practical purpose in many healthcare settings.

A quick trip to the local dollar store or grocery store will reveal many different types and styles of face masks. From long, narrow strips to wide, tapered strips, many different types can be purchased for a range of prices. While some are designed to cover the nose and mouth, others are worn to cover the entire face. While one can purchase these products pre-made from specialty shops, a much cheaper alternative exists by making a homemade mask. Creating a homemade mask by using a piece of clothing that is similar in shape to the shape of the wearer’s face can produce an airtight seal around the user’s nose and mouth, creating a barrier against any escaping air.

While disposable face masks have many advantages over their homemade counterparts, a side-benefit of these products is the ability to create a “custom fit” for the user. This is particularly beneficial for people who receive medications that cause their noses and mouths to swell from swelling. Because the face masks are designed to be tight, it is not necessary to purchase a special size of masking tape, which can provide for extra breathing room in situations where the person’s normal breathing capacity is limited. Another benefit of these masks is the ease of use, as one simply places the mask on the face and moves in a prescribed fashion to maintain the seal.

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