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7 Reasons to Choose Custom Printed Masks As Your Next Halloween Costume

Custom Face Mask

7 Reasons to Choose Custom Printed Masks As Your Next Halloween Costume

Custom face masks can be an effective advertising tool when designed and crafted well. These facepieces are often used by professional athletes during training, competition, and other events. Masks can be personalized with an athlete’s name or a logo representing the brand. Customized printed face masks are not only versatile but also very durable and cost-effective. Here are some helpful tips for printing a custom mask:

o Before starting your project, it is important that you pre-dry the face mask. Pre-drying helps remove any dirt or moisture on the mask, which could cause damage to the printed image. Pre-drying also ensures that the cloth face mask will last longer. Warm water and a gentle detergent should be used for this step.

o For the custom printed face masks, you can choose from a variety of materials. The most common material used is latex, which is easily cleaned and maintains the appearance of the face mask. You can also choose a custom printed cloth face mask made from plastic and metal. Some brands use fiberglass as well, which looks and feels exactly like skin. If you are using a fiberglass mask, be sure to let it dry thoroughly between applications. Plastic or metal custom masks should always be pre-cooled before application.

o Personalized face masks made from vinyl have the advantage of being mildew-resistant and repel moisture but are more expensive than most other custom printed face masks. Vinyl also makes it easier to apply colors, although they are more difficult to wash out. Face paint can be applied using a brush, sponge, cotton wool or spray gun, depending on the preferred look and feel for the design and brand. Washable vinyl also makes it convenient to re-apply if you want a different look.

o Most, but not all, retail stores carry reusable face masks. They are made of a washable fabric, either vinyl or polypropylene. You can order them personalized with any design or color you want. Some brands offer free shipping and handling when you purchase five or more disposable masks at the same time. Resealable face masks may be machine washable and can easily be replaced.

A respirator makes a perfect Halloween or holiday costume and the best thing about them is that they are both practical and affordable. Although the face masks can be washed and reused, the respirators can not. A respirator has to be washed only once or twice and then reused. Respirators have a large print area and are made of special materials to trap and contain any harmful gas that might pose a health risk when inhaled.

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