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A Guide to Plastic Surgery Face Masks

A plastic surgical mask is referred to as a medical mask and is meant to be worn only by medical personnel during medical procedures. It is designed to protect against infections in the patient and treating staff by capturing bacteria shed by the patient and droppings from the patient’s mouth and nose and holding them in a disposable mask. This can help reduce the risk of the patient’s skin being infected while being treated. The medical mask can be made of many different materials such as latex or polypropylene, but it has been found that most plastic surgical masks are made from a rigid polyurethane-based material.

Most face masks also come with a cover to keep out dirt, bacteria and liquids that may get into the mask during operation. Some face masks even have adjustable straps which can allow the mask to fit properly over the face. These masks usually have a small flap on top to allow air to flow through the mask and protect the nasal passageway.

Many plastic surgical face masks are available for purchase from a local medical supply store. However, some may also be ordered online at specialty plastic surgery supply websites. Some websites even sell kits for use at home so that plastic surgery patients who need to wear face masks will be able to easily and quickly put on the mask when needed.

One advantage of using plastic surgical face masks is that they can be disposable. Many surgeons recommend that face masks are used less than 10 times before they are disposed of. Patients who choose to use a disposable face mask in their own home should be sure to remove it every time they bathe or brush their teeth. The doctor should remove the mask prior to the patient entering the operating room. Although some doctors do not require patients to remove the mask at all, it is recommended that patients do this.

Plastic surgery patients should remember that a medical mask is meant to protect their skin and should be used in conjunction with appropriate cleansing and moisturizing techniques. Wearing the wrong mask can cause more harm than good and may not provide the protection that a patient needs.

The most common medical masks that are used by plastic surgeons are those that have a protective cover that keeps out liquid or dust particles. This is usually polyurethane or latex plastic and is used during the procedure and then washed away with either saline or chlorinated water after the surgery is completed.

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