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A Look at the History of Face Coverings

Face Mask

A Look at the History of Face Coverings

Facial masking is the process of reducing wrinkles, double chins, sagging skin and dark circles around the eyes and other facial areas. A fabric face mask is essentially a facial mask consisting of strips of common fabrics, typically cotton, worn on the face and over the nose. Often, when physically impossible, mechanical distancing isn’t possible, and when more economical masks aren’t available, cloth face masks remain the most popular option. Facial masks have a variety of uses including removing blackheads, plumping up eyebrows and tightening skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and removing acne scars. The purpose of using a face mask, then, is to increase the aesthetic appearance and improve the quality of skin.

Two types of face masks include those that utilize exhalation valves and air purification devices. Exhalation valves are used to open up nasal passages to allow for more efficient airflow, which also opens up the cheeks and allows for better facial identification. For individuals with chronic or persistent headaches, air purification masks may help to reduce or eliminate them completely.

Some of the more common features of face masks include air purification, but the two systems don’t have to necessarily be the same. For example, an air purifier mask can incorporate a removable, washable liner, which can help reduce allergic reactions and promote good overall health. A removable liner also makes cleaning easier.

Because many people suffer from chronic irritation caused by skin debris and oil, surgical masks designed to control these issues are often popular. Surgical masks, as their name implies, are specifically designed to cover large and small particles, while allowing some air circulation. These small particles cause tiny amounts of irritation around the eye and nose, while larger particles such as dirt and makeup can clog the nose and throat.

The benefits of using a face mask also extends to the wearer. Many studies show that the person wearing a surgical mask has an improved ability to breathe because air is more freely able to pass through the mask. The amount of breathing improvement will vary based on a number of factors including the patient, the type of mask worn, and the amount of time they’re wearing the mask. In addition, some surgical masks provide a higher level of noise reduction than others, so a person may not feel like they’re “masked” as much as they feel more comfortable while wearing it.

Another advantage to the traditional use of surgical face coverings is that they offer a level of comfort beyond simple protection. Many people enjoy the added benefit of being able to sleep in their own bed. Some surgical masks offer additional comfort features such as extra padding, which helps the wearer to sleep comfortably as well. The padding can even be customized to the size of the wearer’s head so that they are comfortable throughout the night. Most traditional face coverings are simply used for the purpose of protection, but many people opt to wear them just for comfort.

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