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A Unique Gift Idea

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been playing the ever-popular, massively multiplayer online game, Fortnite for months, if not years. For many of us, it’s become part of our daily lives. Whether you display them as collectibles or wear them on your shoulders (oh, the irony! ), this Fortnite-inspired set is sure to make even the most hardcore gamer smile.


Any kids (and collector!) who can’t get enough game time at home is sure to love this customized Loot Lamas. They’re easy to assemble and take very little time to put together. You can even place them on a shelf and let your children get creative while trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do with them. Your child might be thrilled to find that they can play the “Loot” button and pull up their virtual weapon pouch, pulling out all of their gear (including that adorable little toy knife!)

This Fortnite inspired loot lamas can be used on a bed, or even placed on a desk, counter top, or table top for easy access. They can also be placed on a backpack or even strapped around the chest for a more interesting effect. For that added touch, there are also several fun little hearts on each lama that you can attach to the lamas. The heart’s glow in the dark when the lamas are “shattered”blown up,” depending on which ones you purchase. They look cute and fun and can come with various stickers and decals for a different twist. Many lamas come with the matching camera, which looks absolutely awesome on the lamas, as it’s shaped like a camera’s eye, or a camera’s nose.

Custom gifts for children are always a hit, but this unique set is sure to be a favorite. This particular lamp is also available in a different color scheme, and design. As you shop, be sure to pay attention to the camera itself. While it may be similar in appearance, it’s a completely different animal altogether.

While custom gifts for children are usually pretty simple to make (and cheap to buy), there are some really great options when you look for a lama for a gift. If you’re looking for something fun, you might want to consider buying one of these lamas instead of a gift card case or even a mouse pad. The lamas have a lot of room for creativity. So many different shapes and designs, each with its own features, can be produced to fit any personality.

Whether it’s game time or hanging out with friends, having a lama to decorate your home is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the game while bringing a bit of home to others who’ll see your child playing the game. Be sure to check out this unique loot lama as soon as you can! You’ll see why it’s becoming so popular!

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