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All About Face Masks

A medical face mask, otherwise known as an oral mesh mask, is designed primarily for use by medical professionals during dental procedures. Oral mesh masks are typically designed to prevent infections from spreading in the mouth and the respiratory system of patients and treating staff by capturing airborne bacteria shed from the mouth and nose and holding it in the mouth. Oral mesh masks often prevent the transfer of blood and other fluids from the nose and mouth to the skin, and they may also help prevent bacteria from penetrating the skin through the mouth. A dental mesh mask, on the other hand, is designed for patients undergoing dental procedures.

The materials used to make dental mesh masks vary based on the patient’s size, shape and purpose. Some mesh masks are made from synthetic polypropylene mesh. Others are made from synthetic rubber, vinyl or polyester film, as well as plastics such as nylon, polystyrene, acrylic and polypropylene.

Surgical face masks, also known as an oral mesh mask or an oral splint, are used to aid in the treatment of anesthetic spills and bleeding, such as from dental procedures and sedation. During these types of procedures, there is usually no need for the patient to remove his or her mask while under anesthesia. The mesh used during a surgical face mask is generally thin, usually not more than one to two millimeters thick, and has a high resistance to heat, allowing for cooling and heating.

Soft contact lenses are also a popular face mask for adults. Soft contact lenses, which have an air-permeable layer made of latex, are typically used during eye surgeries. Although these lenses are very comfortable, and can be removed easily to clean the surrounding tissue, the most important purpose for wearing these lenses is that they are comfortable to wear and provide maximum vision protection. In addition to being comfortable, soft contact lenses also provide an excellent vision correction for people with astigmatism, hyperopia or nearsightedness.

Another type of soft contact lenses is LASIK, or laser in situ keratomileusis. These lenses are made of a clear gel lens that is fused to the cornea of the eye. Unlike soft contact lenses, LASIK requires the cornea to be reshaped before it is covered with a custom-fit lens. Because of this reshaping process, these lenses can cause a great deal of discomfort for some individuals and the use of these contacts is only recommended for those who are in relatively good health, have no history of eye complications and have no refractive problems.

The face mask is also used during pregnancy to protect the eyes and provide the baby with better vision. During delivery, the mother’s breathing can affect the baby’s vision as the baby inhales and exhales through the lungs and can make her face and eyes appear irritated. To reduce this irritation, newborns often wear a face mask when sleeping so that the baby can breathe easier.

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