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All About Medical Apparel

Face masks have long been a staple beauty supply in oriental and African cultures. Typically used to clean or ease breathing, they were also used to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. Today, face masks are popular as a beauty item in Western cultures, often used to soften the skin and prepare for makeup application. They are no longer solely used for cleansing or facial primping but have many other cosmetic applications as well.

Face masks, which are also sometimes called “exhalation valves” are a type of face mask that are typically worn either over one nostril or both, with the openings being smaller than the openings in traditional face masks. These masks function by preventing excess moisture from entering the nose and causing the nose to swell. While effective, some disadvantages to these types of face masks include the tendency for mucus to build up in the nasal passages, resulting in clogged breathing and sneezing. Also, if facial exhalation valves are worn on both sides of the nose at the same time, it can cause excess pressure on the breastbone and may cause pain or swelling. Additionally, when worn, facial exhalation valves do not allow enough air to get through the nose, which can lead to increased mucus production and nasal congestion.

Many types of viruses, such as the highly contagious virus known as the Simian flu, cause serious health problems in humans and often make people extremely uncomfortable. Because these types of infections often strike children, it is important to know what types of face masks help prevent them from infecting children and others. It is important for families to become familiar with and understand the ways in which children are affected and prevent them from becoming infected with these and other forms of viruses.

N95 Respirators are among the most commonly used face masks, as they are the best for those who need them most. They protect the user from particulates and chemicals that would otherwise cause infection. N95 respirators are usually the type of mask used by the healthcare workers who handle these types of patients, as well as the technicians who test patients’ blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids for traces of the virus. N95 respirators are generally made from heavy duty plastic that repels the oil produced by a human’s body and keeps particles from accumulating in the mask’s filters. In addition, the N95 respirator is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fitted Medical Apparel, or FMAs, are another type of face mask used to protect individuals who need them most. These types of face masks are designed to fit completely over a person’s nose, mouth, and chin to ensure that they breathe easier and are prevented from breathing in particles. The nose, mouth, and chin piece must be custom fit for a patient. Although these protective gears are often the first ones to be used when treating a patient, they are also some of the most expensive, as they are made from high quality materials. Some of these items are available for affordable price tags, but others may require more than one item to be purchased.

A good quality brand of face mask should be able to provide adequate protection and comfort to the wearer. When purchasing a new face mask, it’s a good idea to ask your medical provider which brand he or she recommends. If you already have a medical condition, make sure that the respirator you wear complies with standards set by your doctor.

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