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All You Wanted To Know About N95 Masks

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All You Wanted To Know About N95 Masks

A surgical face mask, also called a sterile medical face mask, is designed to be worn by medical professionals during medical procedures so as to avoid airborne transmission of infectious diseases in the patient and thereby avoid possible fatalities. However, one important fact that people need to know is that the surgical face masks are used only on specific procedures, for instance, on the operating room or during postoperative procedures. The main purpose of the surgical masks used in hospitals and other medical facilities around the world is to protect the patients from airborne diseases. Surgical mask is generally made up of a rigid polystyrene face mask that is contaminated with vinyl or PVC and is sealed at the top with silicone. The rigid polymerized face mask has a sticky covering over it, which prevents it from slipping off the patients’ faces.

These masks are made up of a disposable dropper which is placed inside them. This dropper, once filled up with fluid, releases to air and thus provides sufficient air flow to keep the wearer cool during the procedure. The amount of air provided by the dropper depends on the prescribed temperature requirement of the patient. As a result, the level of comfort for the wearer is also determined by the temperature of the room.

On the other hand, a nose stud is used to seal the mouth and nose and prevent the exchange of air. These are generally worn on the bridge of the nose and help to prevent the accumulation of mucus and consequently prevent the onset of nasal blockage. The surgical mask and nose studs are worn on the bridge of the nose, which is the part of the nose directly over the mouth. In order to secure them firmly, one may wear nose plugs. They are custom fit and thus provide complete protection for the nose and mouth.

The use of face masks during procedures is mainly to protect the eyes and face from getting sick. As most people get sick at places where there is the least social distancing, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, medical clinics and hospitals, wearing one provides some degree of protection against getting sick. It is important that you choose the appropriate mask that best fits your requirements.

Apart from preventing yourself from getting sick, the performance of a surgical mask during dental procedures also has advantages. Some dental procedures cause the loosening or sagging of the skin, which results in the face getting wrinkled. In such situations, it becomes important that you avoid scratching your face with the pointed end of the surgical mask.

N95 masks are generally worn at night and they are designed to cover the entire head. They are made of cloth and are therefore extremely light. They have a nose piece that fits into the mouth, and a chin strap which is placed around the head to ensure that they are held firmly in place. N95 cloth face masks are highly recommended over the surgical masks worn at night.

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