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Battle Brawlers Are Now Available For Your Fortnite Gaming Experience

The game of Fortnite is fast becoming a household name, thanks to the cute characters and exciting action-packed adventures that you’ll find in its amazing online version. From gamer socks to soft plush loot lamas and dashing stuffed Lootables, these are just some of the most incredible gifts you can get this holiday season. For instance, this delightful little Loot Llama barker can play music for up to four hours on a single charge and comes in many other Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well. What’s more, the awesome dog has an active, eight-hour life and can be played right in your very own living room! That’s right – if you know where to look.


If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season, the Fortnite dog might be a great fit. The rugged little loot lama is available in many sizes and has a powerful presence on the virtual battlefield. For example, you may use him as an attacker or as a shield, depending on your needs and desires. In addition, the dog is a powerful melee warrior, capable of crushing multiple enemies with his powerful stomps and powerful strikes. He also makes a great tank, so consider equipping him with potions, food, and armor to maximize his survivability.

If your friend loves to role play, the Fortnite Battle Bus may be the perfect gift for her. This adorable plush doll features the main character from the popular video game – a brightly colored, motorized Battle Bus that will move and run around your friend’s favorite real world location. With a multitude of exciting activities including riding the battleship, taking a journey across the globe, or battling it against other players in the Fortnite world, your gamer friend will be thoroughly entertained. She can spend countless hours in her boudoir as she hops from island to island on her trusty Battle Bus. You can even purchase extra Battle Bus accessories, like a steering wheel and a passenger seat, which will allow her to travel around even more comfortably.

The Fortnite Battle Bus isn’t just the perfect gift for your friend; it’s also a great stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. Whether you’re planning to go camping, treasure hunting, or hunting at the woods, you’ll need the help of someone else to lug the loot back and forth. While there are plenty of hiking poles, backpacks, and other equipment items available for purchase, they aren’t very big or heavy. This means they’ll need to be carried in lightweight backpacks or carry-on bags that aren’t equipped for carrying heavy equipment. The Fortnite Battle Bus makes an excellent replacement for these heavier backpacks and allows your gamer friend to enjoy her favorite outdoor pastime more while not worrying about her friends or family getting hurt along the way. Plus, the added space that the Battle Bus provides makes it perfect for those spur of the moment camping trips.

For the video game junkies in your life, the Fortnite Battle Box is sure to be a big hit. It comes with everything that your gamer friends need to get started, including a heavy duty metal saw, a heavy-duty screwdriver, two cork boards, a heavy-duty screw, a cork-ed sponge, and an instruction manual. Included with the Fortnite Battle Box are six v-bucks coins that can be used in the game to buy precious metal resources that help you gain experience points. While it may be small, it can pack a powerful punch!

If you are planning to go on a Battle Road trip with a group of Fortnite players, this is one gift that you won’t want to miss out on. Instead of just being a means to relax while on your next farming expedition, consider going with friends to enjoy the benefits of this new Battle Board. As long as you have plenty of space on your farm to setup a Battle Bus, you’ll always be able to have a good time with friends in a safe and controlled environment!

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