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Can Homemade Face Masks Helps Prevent the Spread of a Viral Disease?

The face mask was originally created as a protection for the face from the environment. The mask was created in order to protect the face from dust, pollution, smoke, sunlight, heat, cold and other irritants. A cloth face mask is simply a thin mask designed with textiles, typically cotton, placed over the nose and mouth.

Face Mask

The n95 respirators developed by the US military were the first medical product to use a face mask as a protective device. The n95 respirator (nose protector, breathing mask) was specifically designed for the military and used extensively in the field. In fact, the original design of the mask was created by a German doctor during World War II. Because of the durability of plastic and the comfort it provided to the user, the n95 respirators quickly became one of the most popular items in the US military. However, when other protective devices weren’t available, and physical distancing was impossible, cloth face masks became the obvious solution.

In order to wear a face mask without a worry of being drenched in sweat, all you would need was a wash cloth. No matter what the occasion, you could wear a n95 respirator, dry off and put on a clean face mask, slip on the wash cloth and walk out to have a pleasant day. The beauty of the Covid-19 nylon was that it was so comfortable to wear that no one ever noticed they were wearing a face mask! As long as you took care of your equipment and it was taken care of, there really was no excuse not to wear one.

When healthcare settings began to require the use of disposable face masks, manufacturers quickly saw the benefit of providing N95 respirators with a face mask attachment that fits easily and comfortably on the face. After all, the N95 was designed to be worn and removed in a matter of seconds. By manufacturing disposable units that met the exacting standards of the N95 standards, healthcare facilities could provide quality service to their clients and boost their reputation. When purchasing these units, the patient was always given the option to replace their disposable face masks instead of washing them after each use. This ensured that the face masks would last as long as the patient did.

Today, healthcare workers have additional ways to protect themselves and patients from the threat of influenza and its many side effects. Using face masks helps prevent anyone from coming in contact with this potentially deadly virus. Not only does it reduce the number of people who become infected each year, but it also reduces transmission to those who are less vulnerable. While everyone is at risk, those with respiratory problems, children, older adults and those with other health challenges are given extra protection when wearing them.

As a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of developing this condition, pre-symptomatic care is recommended. Those who wear face masks while caring for young children, elderly or those with other medical conditions should be aware of these guidelines. Anyone caring for a loved one or making a home visit for the first time should invest in these protective accessories. A pre-symptomatic visit can also reduce the costs associated with treating an outbreak when it does occur.

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