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Can You Get Into the Fortnite Fever?

If you’ve seen the flurry of enthusiasm building around Fortnite, you’ll probably agree that this is one game that’s right up your alley. So how can you get involved?


In the month of December, Fortnite will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Canada. This game is in a class of its own when it comes to online games, so you know that fans are sure to be clamoring for the game in the months leading up to its release.

To be a part of the craze, the game’s creators are offering fans who purchase their game a chance to be one of the game’s first testers. A Fortnite tester’s job is to test the game’s balance and find any bugs in the game. If the tester finds any bugs or exploits, then the creator of the game can take them to task, enabling them to fix the bugs.

The tester will then be sent a copy of the game for them to play and try out the game. The results from the testing will help improve the game as a whole. If the tester agrees with the balance changes, they can then be allowed to join the ranks of the game’s core testers.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until December in order to get a chance to be a part of the Fortnite beta test. You can go ahead and sign up now, as the creators plan to let as many testers as possible into the program. So start your search for your own copy of the game today.

It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when the creators of Fortnite were very skeptical about releasing the game to the public. They wanted to hold it off for a bit before going ahead with it. What’s great about the game’s creator, however, is that they are no longer bound by those restrictions.

According to the website for the game, there will be various different ways for people to get their hands on Fortnite. You can grab a beta key, for example, which is a digital copy of the game that you can play right away. Other types of keys can be acquired by registering for an account, or for more convenience, one can purchase a physical copy of the game right from their computer.

So, whatever your interest in the game, whether it’s for the new element of match-three battling, or just for the actual game itself, you’re bound to find it interesting. For anyone looking to get in on the excitement, now is the time to grab a copy for yourself.

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