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Choosing a Face Mask That Fits

A face mask, also known as a nasal strip or a nasal bib, is a small clothed mask worn over the nose and mouth. This easy-to-use accessory reduces congestion, reduces bad breath, eliminates snoring, and helps to relieve post-nasal drip. Though popular with physicians and patients, face masks aren’t always ideal for everyone. Nasal strips can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to breathe through the nose while a bib can be heavy and restrictive. If physical distancing isn’t possible, and if other masks aren’t available, face masks offer the best solution.

Face Mask

Many different types of facial masks are available for every situation. For example, if you’re wearing a thick hat, you may want to consider a bib. Thick hats often don’t provide enough ventilation for people with chapped lips or who have a tendency to drool. A Covid-19 solution is designed specifically to help people with these problems. Designed to be worn under any type of hat, it has an open band at the top that comfortably fits under the brim.

These solutions are often referred to as exhalation valves, because they allow you to take in air while still filtering it. These masks are typically worn in or above the eye area. If you have a heavy forehead, it’s difficult to breathe and using an exhalation valve there will improve the way your breath through the mouth. These are often available in single-faced and multi-face varieties.

If you suffer from pollen allergies, heavy sweating, or sinus congestion, you may benefit from a rigid face mask. Available in various materials and styles, these types of nasal accessories can be worn in or around the cheekbones. Some are designed to be worn under helmets, and may come with a special holder to keep the mask clean. Others are shaped like a hollow ball and made to fit into the nostrils. They allow you to breathe through them without obstruction, but are not the most comfortable of options.

Those with severely misaligned eyes or breathing issues may want to consider the alternative to traditional disposable masks. The Surgical Stop Underwear is a custom-fit alternative to long-lasting disposable ones that are designed to improve breathing and ease discomfort. Made for each patient by hand, they offer adjustable straps that enable you to wear them just below the eyebrows or over the nose. When properly worn, they redistribute the pressure on the wearer’s face, relieving pain and decreasing the risk of irritation. These are available in multiples and single sizes for a variety of faces.

If your nose is very sensitive to dust particles or if you have chronic issues with your sinuses, you may benefit from a disposable sinus infection mask instead of a conventional one. Nasal irrigation devices allow you to cleanse the sinuses without any exposure to germs by gently removing the mucus from your nose. They work by creating a vacuum around the sinus cavities, removing particles and encouraging the flow of clear, oxygenated air. You’ll enjoy increased nasal congestion relief, as well as the confidence it gives you to speak freely.

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