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Choosing a Good Face Mask

A surgical face mask, more commonly called a facial mask, is an essential medical protective gear worn by medical practitioners during various medical procedures. It should be worn with utmost sensitivity to shield the face from infection and allergic reactions caused by foreign materials, fluids or gas that enter the mouth, nose or throat. Surgical masks are often used in emergency and critical care situations when breathing may be critical or life-threatening. Face masks have come a long way since they were first used in the 19th century. They are no longer only used for surgery; they can be used for everything from cleaning the cat’s ears to removing a foreign object that stuck in the eye. This article will discuss their wide variety and common uses.

Face Mask

One of the most common uses of a mask is in the emergency room setting where the patient must wear one to stay alert and calm while waiting for other treatment team members to arrive. The most common emergency room mask is the disposable face mask. These are usually clear, so that a doctor or nurse can see what is going on inside the patient’s mouth and nasal cavities. Some models are equipped with hearing aids to amplify external noise, which makes it easier to instruct the patients and their caregivers about the dangers that are present. While disposable masks are inexpensive and comfortable, sometimes several disposable masks must be stored in drawers or dressers.

Another use for a surgical mask may be for removing small particles from the eyes or the nose. In this case, the surgeon may puncture the skin through the mask and remove the foreign object using a syringe. However, surgical masks that are used for this purpose must have a wide opening to allow for the removal of large foreign particles, especially droplets of saliva or mucous from the eyes or nose. Some droplets are too small to be removed using this method, especially when these are impacted by small objects. A nasal cannula, a small tube with a small tip designed to remove small particles, may be used to insert into the nose so that these large drops can be vacuumed out.

Some face masks are made with materials that are suited for the removal of colloidal materials, such as the eye and facial masks. These are made with colloidal hydration beads that form tiny bubbles when mixed with hyaluronic acid, which is the water-thickness found in the eye and other tissues. Eye and facial masks can be very useful for reducing the symptoms of dry and irritated skin around the eye and around the mouth.

Some face masks contain ingredients that increase the amount of hyaluronic acid available to the skin, making one’s complexion much friendlier to the skin. Hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin and makes it look smoother and less lines-although it can also cause skin to feel drier. Many anti-wrinkle face masks contain products that plump up the skin, leaving it looking younger and healthier.

Cloth masks are useful as well. These are good for washing the dirt and other particles that are in the mouth, as well as to remove the oil and saliva from the cheeks and the tongue. The cloth masks do not suffocate the person wearing it; however, they might not be very comfortable. Breathable cloth masks, like the ones made of cloth, allow the wearer to breathe comfortably, while the air is gently pulled through the mask.

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