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Choosing and Submitting Gifts For Fortnite Players

In case you were not already aware of it, you can now customize your character even as you play Fortnite! Customizing your character is a great way to improve your social and even competitive play. It is a great sense of accomplishment when you see your customized character standing next to your character in the game! Fortnite allows the same customization options available to players using Facebook. The only difference is that this is a feature of Fortnite specifically implemented to let you get closer to your friends.


It’s very simple to personalize your character in-game. You simply have to go to the Item Shop, select an item from whatever loot you are collecting, and then choose the one you want to gift another player. Even if Apple policies seem to ban the act, Fortnite players still on any platform other than iOS only have to fill out a couple of simple forms to send a present to another player: select an item, make sure it’s available, and then choose which platform (mobile or PC) you’d like the present sent on. For example, if I’m playing on my PC, I’d type in “PS4 Fortnite Skins” into the steam search bar, click next, and then paste the code I’ve found into the box provided. The item will then be shipped to the address provided on the other player’s receipt.

Here are the three most popular methods of customizing your Fortnite character: utilizing the chat functions, utilizing the in-game help, and gifting your current inventory with Fortnite loot. Using the chat function is the easiest and most straightforward method of customizing your character. Simply use your browser to visit the main Fortnite account page, and type in “Fortnite Add-Ons” to find all the available options. From there, you’ll be able to sort through each individual add-on (such as the aforementioned apple skins) and select the ones that you’d like to purchase, customize, or donate. Afterwards, just hit “OK,” and your new item is sent to your in-game mailbox.

In-game help is another great way to customize your character. Many of the aforementioned items are only available during special events, so if you’re interested in receiving them, you’ll probably need to look around each month. Fortunately, fortnite players start gifting skins to one another every month! This is a very easy system to follow, too. Simply visit the main account page, and choose the applicable category (food, gear, shelter, drinks, etc. ), enter a Gift Amount that corresponds to the month of the event and then click “Submit” to add your gift.

Last but not least, consider getting Fortnite gifts for others. As mentioned earlier, most people who play the video game will already have a lot of Fortnite gifts they like. If your friend or loved one is particularly fond of a specific type of Fortnite gear, you can always purchase them more of it. This is a great way to show someone that you care about their interests!

The bottom line is that there are a ton of things you can do with Fortnite gifts. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of gear or just want to spend some extra coins on the in-game currency, there’s something that is bound to fit your friend or loved one’s interests! Fortnite is a fantastic online strategy game that anyone can play. Anyone can be a Fortnite player, too. There is something for everyone.

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