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Choosing the Right Face Mask for Asthma

A face mask, sometimes called a cpap mask, is a thin mask generally made from durable cotton fabric, such as cotton, designed to be worn around the nose and mouth. When physically impossible, and if any other masks are unavailable, a cloth face mask can be used to provide breathing obstruction and comfort during sleep. A variety of fabrics are available, including durable plastic, vinyl, or paper. Cloth face masks do have advantages and disadvantages, and the patient should discuss face mask selection with his or her doctor.

The most popular fabric for face masks is polyester. There are three main benefits to using polyester as the fabric for a cpap mask: it is flexible, it breathes well, and it is durable. The first benefit, flexibility, refers to the ease with which the patient can move the cloth over his or her nose and mouth. Two of the three major manufacturers of facial coverings make products that are flexible. The advantage of this means that it will be easier for a patient to adjust to the face mask. While all three of these materials are highly breathable, none are completely breathable – and face masks should only be worn for a limited amount of time to prevent nose and mouth infections.

Polyester is the best choice for the ultimate breathability, since the airflow is best at the lowest point possible while still providing good comfort. It is also very durable and easy to clean, and will stay looking good for as long as it is worn. However, the greatest benefit to polyester as a fabric for face masks is that it is the fastest to dry. This means that patients who wear face masks regularly will not have to wait for long periods of time before wearing a new one.

A common material used in face covers is vinyl. While a little more expensive than polyester, vinyl is the clear choice for people who are allergic to some types of polyester. Because of this allergy, patients should wear a mask without DCC during their procedure. The downside to vinyl is that it can be difficult to clean, although most manufacturers specialize in cleaning vinyl and use gentle detergents to get the job done.

The best choice for those with a moderate allergy to allergens is N95 mask with a HEPA filter. Although N95 mask has higher end fabrics, it is still far superior to any other mask on the market. It is made from high-quality fabric that allows for the air flow through the mask to keep the patient comfortable and allows the air to filter through the fabric while keeping allergens out of the airway.

If you suffer from any allergies, remember to use a mask with a HEPA filter to filter out the allergens. Also, wear a cloth mask so you don’t breathe directly into the face. Make sure your doctor gives you the correct mask and tells you what to expect when you get ready for your procedure. When choosing the best mask, make sure it is made of high quality fabric and easy to clean and replace.

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