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Cloth Face Masks

Looking to create a custom face mask for Halloween? We have some easy ways to accomplish this. Order by Thanksgiving for holiday delivery this year. Kids also love Halloween masks. This year, you can help them with their own personalized Halloween mask.

For babies and toddlers, there are stuffed animals that are soft enough to use as a face mask. But, these are not safe to put on until the child is potty trained. For older children and teens, consider using vinyl stickers, imprinted mouth pieces or fabric face masks. All three methods are safe to use until the child is ready to use a real one.

The idea of creating a custom face mask using fabric or stickers is easy. Simply decide on the face mask design, then choose the fabric, color, font and other accessories. Print the picture onto the fabric or onto an image card. If you are working with a large area, use cardstock. Or, you may want to consider buying a small high quality photo frame and use that to print the picture onto.

When it comes to custom face masks for Halloween, most people prefer the washable or reusable masks. These are much easier to wash, because they don’t get ragged or torn like the disposable versions. They are made from 100% safe, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic materials, and they are easy to care for. To wash the reusable masks, simply rinse out the backing and dip in a mild soap water solution; allow to dry, and then wash in the washing machine.

If you purchase a cloth face mask, you will have many options. You can choose a simple black and white printed design or go with a design that includes your own artwork. Cloth face masks can also be personalized with your own photos or a personal message. Cloth masks for Halloween usually come in a single piece, but there are some prefabricated masks that are available. A prefabricated cloth face mask usually includes all of the same features as a custom mask – including the interchangeable face masks.

If you want to have custom printed designs on face masks, you have several choices. There are three main options to choose from: screen-printed designs, woven designs and embroidered designs. With printed screen-printed designs, you can have up to nine different images printed on one mask. Woven designs are very nice, because you can actually use the same design over to create new, different designs every year. You can even have your child’s face printed for a Halloween mask.

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