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Create Your Own Personalized Face Masks

Ditch the clinical appearance and make a custom face mask for your next party. Match with a printed bandana or shades for a unique look. These custom face masks come in a package of either two or four and are easily customizable, practical, and reasonably priced. No longer will you have to settle for an off-the-rack Halloween mask which you are likely to toss out after wearing it once or twice.

Say hello to an unforgettable custom face mask that fits you perfectly. The Propellerhead Titanium Foam Custom Mask is constructed with a mold of the wearer’s head so that it fits comfortably. The mask is also designed with adjustable ear loops and removable nose pads so that it can be worn either over the nose or behind the ears. This double-sided face mask has a soft-silicone, flexible lining so that it won’t feel like it is constricting your facial skin. It also features a comfortable velour-like chin strap and adjustable straps that allow it to be worn either over your nose or on your chin. For added versatility, the Propellerhead Titanium Foam Custom Mask has a built-in clip to keep it held securely in place.

Custom printed face masks have always been popular and they never will go out of style. With face paint and accessories, even kids can create their own fun customized face masks. Try to make your child’s mask from a set of Halloween stickers. You can also add glitter to make it sparkly.

For an extra special party experience, turn a basic balloon tattoo into a customized, comfortable fit face coverings. The Vulkania Custom Banded Face Tattoo is made of lightweight, high quality latex rubber. It features a comfortable fit and is designed with the help of professional tattoo artists. You’ll love how easy it is to apply – simply peel and stick!

Face coverings are not just for Halloween anymore. For a touch of color, try creating your own custom face masks using vinyl stickers. Simply choose which colors you want and then peel and stick vinyl stickers to your face until you achieve the color you want. This simple, cheap project allows you to experiment with colors and theme ideas.

If you are interested in using disposable plastic materials, there are many ways to do it. You can create your own custom face masks by simply snipping on your favorite quotes, rhymes or sayings. Alternatively, you could use any type of plastic bag and simply insert a joke, sticker or picture. A great option for kids is to make their own nose and earrings from inexpensive but fun materials such as felt, beads or plastic jewelries. When you have completed your creation, simply wash and dry the item. This means that you can create personalized face masks for every occasion, including parties, family get-togethers and holidays.

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