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Creating a Custom Face Mask Online

Custom Face Mask

Creating a Custom Face Mask Online

Printed face masks are some of the most effective ways to turn any ordinary photo into a highly customized photo. You can easily use your favorite photo to create a custom mask online, or with the help of a photo masking software program. These programs allow you to upload your own photo or image, an attractive or humorous message, or even steal the spotlight! Here are some helpful tips for creating customized masks:

First, select a picture or image that will be used to make your mask. Once the selection is made, look at the image and decide whether it will be an ideal place to insert your custom mask. The mask must be placed on top of a smooth surface with no glare and be visible from all sides, so be sure to measure the dimensions of the photo you wish to use.

Now, open the custom masking software program and choose the masking tool of your choice. This can be either a pen brush, or digital tool. Choose the correct tool for your type of mask. If you need to be able to see what is being created, you may want a pencil-like tool. If your mask is to be applied to a flat surface, you may choose a brush-like tool.

You can either start at the top of the masking area and move down the masking path or you can begin in the middle and work outward. You may also want to take a close look at your photograph and decide what it needs to be changed. For example, if you are putting a funny custom face mask on an image of a happy couple, you may want to replace a happy couple photograph with a picture of a happy couple. You may want to replace an angry woman with an angry man. You may even want to change the background color or image from a flower or a cat. You may even be able to create a mask in the style of your favorite band, celebrity, movie, or cartoon character! The possibilities are endless.

Once you have chosen the picture or images you would like to replace, it is time to start adding the mask to the masking area of your photo. Use a single stroke to draw the outline of your new mask onto the photo. Be sure to be consistent so as not to obscure the picture. Then, use a single color and outline to draw your new mask onto the image. Follow the same steps above to place your mask onto the photo.

Once you are happy with the results, print your mask out, peel off the old one, and add it to your photo. Make sure that the image you are using has been taken in an appropriate light environment and that you are using a camera that will take an appropriate photo before proceeding.

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