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Creating Your Own Custom Face Mask

Customized face masks are the ideal way to make a statement. First, contact an account manager for an appointment to talk about what you want. Next, we will send you an assortment of guidelines to assist you create your perfect face mask. All you have to do is follow the guidelines as closely as possible and have fun while having a masterpiece made just for you.

The first step to creating the perfect custom face mask is to come up with your idea. Think about a person, or people, you admire. What type of personality do they have? Do they have a unique or unusual trait that sets them apart from the crowd? When you have the information you need to create your own face mask, then the rest will fall into place.

The next step is to decide on the shape and style of the face mask. Are you wanting to get a nose piece, cheek pieces, forehead piece, eyes, mouth piece, chin and hair? Once you have determined the style of face mask you want, then it is time to choose the fabric. How long is your desired effect? If it is going to be a short term, temporary look, then you might want to choose fabrics that will not be damaged easily by cleaning chemicals and liquids.

Once you have chosen the fabric, it is time to begin the cutting process. You need to know your face measurements so that you can get the correct size of fabric for your face. The length of your nose, cheek, forehead and ears should be measured and then you need to take these measurements into account when you are making your mask.

You want to purchase a material that will hold the shape that you desire. You will need to cut the material along these lines to ensure that it does not come loose. Make sure that the material is a sturdy type, and preferably made out of cloth material. If you are purchasing a mask from a designer, it is very important that you are able to see the finished product. So before making your purchase ask them if the mask will be printed or just the front and back.

Once the mask has been made, it is time to attach all the parts together to create your masterpiece. You may find that you want to use several different types of materials for each piece of the mask, depending on the way it is to be attached. You can find this information easily online or by searching on the internet.

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