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Custom Face Coverings: How to Choose Your Costume Face Coverings

Custom face masks are a popular corporate gift and they are also great for home use. Whether you need a mask to protect the eyes of the surgeon who is operating on you or a mask that will help prevent the spread of the common cold, these molds make it easy and convenient to get exactly what you want. Customized face shields have been used by doctors for years to protect their patients’ delicate skin tissue. Doctors and nurses have also used face shields during surgical procedures to reduce and wear a protective shield over the eye and mouth area while performing a delicate procedure. Customized masks offer you the same protection without having to pay an arm and a leg.

The Custom Face Mask line is made of a breathable material that is designed to mold to the shape of the user’s face so it looks completely natural. The CUSTOMASK line of printed face masks ships in five different standard sizes and each one is designed specifically for men, women, infants and children. The CUSTOMASK line also has an extra-large model that can accommodate an entire family. The DIAGRAM print offers an extra-large face shield that offers better coverage than the Standard size. All of the Custom Face Mask models ship with a padded carrying case and an eight-ounce water-resistant bottle.

The Standard size Custom Face Mask comes in five standard sizes and is made of a durable nylon fabric that allows for a comfortable fit. This type of mask also has a pre-drilled hole in the back for a strap to secure it around the back of the head. Many patients prefer a custom-fitted mask that includes a comfort strap because it eliminates the need for cumbersome straps. The DIAGRAM print on the Standard size cloth face masks offers a pre-printed image on the face shield. The DIAGRAM font is easily readable from any distance.

The DIAGRAM and CUSTOM features are compatible with most models of either the Custom Face Mask or the Standard Size Face Mask. These removable face masks made from washable nylon fabric are also available in five sizes that offer a comfortable fit. The DIAGRAM print, a line of five letters, can be changed by ordering a new set with a different font.

Another unique feature that can customize any mask is the CUSTOM ear loops. Unlike ear plugs, the CUSTOM ear loops can be custom tailored to the shape of the user’s ear. For instance, if a woman has long hair, her ears may come in a curly style that doesn’t sit right with her hair. By adding this adjustable loop to her Custom Face Mask, she can have the ear loops of her choice at the perfect length for her face and scalp.

Another aspect of many CUSTOM cloth masks are the eye drops that come in both standard and reusable sizes. If a person is experiencing dry eyes, this problem can be alleviated by the addition of an eye drop insert to any reusable mask. Eye drops can also be included as a CUSTOM face coverings option for those who are looking for a less expensive and more easily washable solution to dry eyes. These eye drops are made from the same washable nylon material that is used to make the reusable cloths. A person simply rinses off this insert and then tosses the eye drop into the compost pile for recycling.

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