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Custom Face Mask

The Custom Face Mask is a durable vinyl sticker with a comfortable Velcro closure on the face area of any printed or embroidered item. It can hold up to nine masks at a time. They are perfect for promotional purposes, company recognition and as giveaways.

They are a great way to make an impression with custom face masks for your company, school, hospital or office. The CUSTOM face masks can be machine-washer or microwave safe and are also disinfected at 180 degrees F in your microwave or oven. The CUSTOM face masks also do not have to meet any Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. The CUSTOM face masks can be personalized by printing your company name, logo, name of event or message, slogan or a symbol.

The Custom Face Mask is made from 100% quality vinyl that is double sided, snap on, laminated and UV protected. The materials used in manufacturing the Custom Face Mask are extremely durable and long lasting. The outer layer is made of a high grade vinyl that has anodized aluminum foil applied to it. This outer coating will keep the printed image on top of the mask for a lifetime. The inner core is made of a plush fabric that is washable and plush enough to provide comfort while still keeping the image on the custom printed face mask.

There are several different styles to choose from. Some are suitable for promotions or company recognition occasions, while others are ideal for everyday use such as hospital visits, conventions and meetings. The Custom Face Masks comes in different sizes, most suitable for adults. There are also many different styles, designs and colors available. You can choose from many different brands including Ecko, Slip-ons, Ear Loops, Neo and Graco.

Customized face coverings are a great way to make an impression on everyone you meet. Customized hand out custom masks are a practical advertising tool that many people appreciate. Hand out custom masks attract many new customers to your business every day. Your custom mugs or t-shirts can be customized with your company logo, company name or motto. There are a variety of ways to promote your business using these custom mugs or t-shirts.

Customized ear wrap custom face masks are the newest rage in the fashion world. These custom face masks will keep your music to fan’s ears perkier during their concert or meeting. No matter what the occasion, a custom face mask will make your company’s appearance stand out in the crowd. Custom face masks ship in several different styles and colors. Most of the styles of these handouts have black writing on the face mask with other writing or pictures underneath it. Handout face masks are made of the finest foam and are made to fit your hand perfectly so they will stay in place for hours on end.

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