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Custom Face Mask – Benefits and Options

A custom face mask has its advantages over disposable or factory made facial masks. A customized mask is an item that has been tailored to fit the individual needs of the patient. Customized Face Masks are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of each patient individually. These custom made face masks provide better coverage and more comfort for long-term use. Made to fit your exact facial contour and size, these custom made masks are a great alternative to regular disposable face masks.

Antimicrobial Polypropylene* foam constructed of antimicrobial treated polypropylene (AP) fabric are used to create custom made face masks. The antibacterial treatment is engineered to inhibit the formation of microorganisms on both the outer surface of the mask and the inside of the mouth. This foam construction also prevents the escape of bacteria through air leaks or mouth trays. These mouth pieces can be washed with soap and water to eliminate any bacteria and then re-used. Reusable mouthpieces help reduce waste, which means less paper and packaging, which mean less cost to produce and store.

Custom Washable Face Masks These masks can be machine or hand washed using warm water, without the use of soap or disinfectants. For maximum absorbency, antibacterial foam is typically added to these masks, which help reduce the spread of germs. Face Masks can also be hand washed and dried at a low temperature, thereby acting as an antimicrobial and drying agent to kill any bacteria and prevent the formation of odor causing organisms such as bacteria and yeasts. These masks can be re-used multiple times and may be used on more than one occasion. Some are also made with a polyurethane coating which acts as a natural preservative.

Customizable Shipping Time A good custom face mask should be created with your measurements and needs in mind so that it can be properly measured and adjusted for a perfect fit. Because of these factors, these items usually take anywhere from one to five business days to make and ship. If you need your mask right away, there are a few options for shipping time, which may include overnight shipping time, weekend delivery, and same day shipping. If you have special needs such as a long neck or limited width, shipping time may be increased.

Disadvantages Some companies do not have enough of an experience in this area to create the right mask for your business. Therefore, the chances of having a poor fit or improper design is higher. In addition, most custom face masks are large in size and this may cause discomfort for some customers. If your design services are not completed by a company expert, the resulting mask may not be comfortable or look exactly the way you had imagined it. Additional disadvantages exist if your company logo is not included on your mask.

Adjustable Ear Loops There are three simple ways that you can customize your custom face mask: by having your design altered, by having the face shaped and/or custom ink applied, or by using the adjustable ear loops. By having your design altered, you can alter the look of the face mask based on your employee’s appearance and style, for example, if you want the dress code for some employees to be a certain way, you can easily alter the design to meet this requirement. On the other hand, custom ink applied by a professional can give a greater level of customization because the printer has more flexibility in creating an accurate image of your face. Lastly, adjustable ear loops are a convenient option if you frequently change your hairstyle.

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