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Custom Face Mask – Custom Printed Face Masks Ship To You Right Away!

Do you sell custom face masks? Yes, sell face masks even in bulk. You can now order bulk face masks at great numbers of 10 (perfect for large families), 100, and 600.

These simple yet effective plain cloth face masks are great for welcoming returning staff members or giving new ones work wear. For added impact we now offer fabric face masks with printed messages and/or company logo. If you have the budget, we also offer fabric masks with colored facial printing and embroidery. Choose from a range of colorful designs including; Hawaiian, camouflage, fire men, racing cars, golf, lion, and many more. You’ll love the range of color choices available to you.

Our custom-face mask is made from 100% pure cotton for ultimate comfort and quality. It has a satin finish that resists dirt, wrinkles and wears well. It comes in various colors to meet your individual needs. When ordering a custom cloth face mask, it is advisable to order one size larger than your normal mask. This will allow you the comfort of getting used to the mask before wearing one for an event of your choice.

Printed face masks made with your own personalized photos taken by you or your friends. You can have your photographs enlarged and printed on a high quality cotton material mask. These are truly a unique, customized gift that will surely delight everyone. These printed mask will surely bring a smile to faces of those who see them. These are not available anywhere else, so be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity to give something truly special to your friends and family.

There are several benefits to having these custom masks available to you. First, they will make your life a lot easier, especially if you do a lot of public speaking, dance or parties. No one likes having a bad experience at any event. Second, by using these custom printed masks you will gain the respect and admiration of other attendees at your events. By having your picture taken with the blank face on, you will immediately draw the attention of those looking for a face with a name and picture. Third, by having these items shipped directly to your home or business, you are saving money, time and effort on driving all over town to different vendors, drop shipping and returns.

Cloth face coverings are great because they are easy to wash and clean. If you are concerned that your loved ones will not be comfortable with wearing masks that expose their ears, we offer a variety of custom ear loops as well. Many of our customers choose to wear ear loops with their masks, but others prefer the look of an ear loop without the exposure to the open air. Custom printed ear loops are made of the highest quality materials available and most are available in black, red, blue, white and green.

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