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Custom Face Mask – Custom Printed Masks to Advertise Your Business

Custom face masks are a great promotional tool to give your business a boost, but don’t waste money on generic masks that will be of no use to your company. How can you make a custom face mask with your logo? It is easy. Each mask product page comes with a built-in face mask maker.

Custom Face Mask

Simply browse to your logo and select a picture that best represents your company. Pick a picture that is large enough to be able to be enlarged without losing clarity. The larger the image, the more time it will take for it to appear on your shipping time card. Select a font that is easy to read, and one that is not too fancy looking. You want to be sure that your custom face masks ship in time for your trade show or convention appearance.

You should choose a quality print quality paper to print your custom face masks on. Choose a high quality print job so that your printed image will be crisp and clear. High quality photo paper is available at your local office supply store, and will cost you far less than premium quality cardstock or even printer paper.

Your printed face masks should also be packaged nicely. All printed mask images are delivered in PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF files are a highly compressed format that is easy to download and work with. You can also email your custom printed masks.

If you are using cloth masks for promotional purposes, it is very important to pick a high quality print material. The print quality of your printed masks directly relates to how quickly your printed masks will be received for use. Cloth masks take quite some time to dry, so you will want to make sure your shipping time is long enough for the mask to dry before it is picked up and shipped out. Many printing companies offer overnight shipping if needed. Shipping time is based on the shipping carrier and what they offer. Most companies do offer overnight shipping, but it may be costly depending on your shipping carrier and what they offer.

The other big advantage to using reusable face masks is that your company logo will be on them. This gives your employees, volunteers and clients a reminder of your business every day they see the logo printed on the mask. Custom printed reusable masks are a great way to advertise and give your promotional products to your customers and volunteers. You can create as many custom masks as you need to distribute. You may be surprised how many people walk into your booth during the convention and then leave the event without a mask.

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