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Custom Face Mask – How to Choose One That Suits You

How much should you charge for your custom face masks? The price of your custom face masks pretty much depends on a couple of things, such as the quantity of masks you order, the variety of colors utilized in your design, and how many masks you have to buy. However, know that pricing can sometimes be confusing, so take the guesswork out of it by making sure you have a clear and easily understandable pricing system in place before you begin ordering. Below is a suggested guideline of face mask pricing: First, determine how many mugs or tubes of printed face masks you need. Once you know how many masks your budget will allow, choose a style from available selections on the Web, such as printed funny animal mugs, printed baseball mugs, or funny animal t-shirts, then decide how many of each of those designs will require.

Second, select an overall theme for your custom printed mugs. Some themes available are cartoon characters, movie stars, holiday icons, the season in which the year is, and many more. Once you’ve selected a general theme, browse through the available face masks that best fit into that theme – Mickey Mouse would be an example of a theme with cartoon characters, winter tuxedo-clad Christmas elves would be appropriate for a Christmas theme, etc.

Third, pick the best materials for your printed face coverings. There are several options available: natural waxes like beeswax and soy wax, printed fabrics like 100% cotton and spandex, and decorative materials, like cavities, colored gemstones, and rhinestones. Think about what materials will look good on you, or match other pieces in your wardrobe. Remember that the base color of printed fabrics will be darker than their counterparts, and that printed fabrics are generally available in small sizes.

Fourth, choose a custom printed face mask that’s right for you. If you’re into body ink, you might consider a face mask with an embroidered design. If you don’t mind a bit of a messy application, you might go for a gel-like substance in acrylic form. If your hair isn’t too short, you can go for a fitted nose piece with a printed crown, and there are also a variety of face masks with fake eyebrows available.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account the comfort factor. Many people wear reusable cloth masks in addition to their paper or foam ones for a couple of reasons. First of all, they’re extremely comfortable, especially if you’re wearing them for an extended period of time: you won’t have the same discomfort after wearing a couple of disposable paper or foam face masks that you’ll experience after wearing a cloth mask for only a minute or two.

Of course, you can always add these custom face masks to your already existing wardrobe. You can find these items at almost any department store. In addition to the standard black and white designs, you’ll also be able to find them in other colors, such as: blue, cream, green, gray, pink, orange, purple, red, yellow, and lots more. The choice is yours!

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