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Custom Face Mask: How to Create One of Your Own

How much should you charge for your custom face masks? The price of your custom face masks obviously depends on some variables, such as the quantity of masks you order, the different kinds of colors used in your mask design and how many masks you request. However, making price confusing, took the guesswork completely out by developing a comprehensive pricing guide. Now you can easily understand pricing, since we’ve done all the math.

For our first example, suppose you want ten masks made in a certain color and design style. You would then need to calculate: the price of each mask; the costs of the additional masks that you need to create your design; and finally, the profit you will make on selling all ten masks. Assuming that you use an online storefront as your custom face mask supplier, your prices will start at ten masks per piece, excluding tax and shipping charges. Your total price will then include the cost of all the additional materials that you will need to complete your project. If you have chosen high-end printed decals, then your prices may go up from there.

Another common question we hear from customers is, “What if I order only enough Custom Face Masks for my Halloween costume?” This is a tricky situation. Usually, you will place an order for one or two pieces of face mask that you need for your Halloween costume. When you go to the post office with your received mask, they may only allow you to order up to a maximum of two masks. Since you don’t want ten printed face masks, this shouldn’t be a problem, but you also don’t want to receive ten pieces of paper that you have to put together yourself.

Two different methods exist for ordering Custom Face Masks that meets your needs. One method is done by using a printing press to print the image. Many companies that offer custom printing services have printers that are capable of printing in full color. If you are ordering a full color mask, then the cost will generally be more. However, printing in full color will allow you to choose the right type of printed decal for your mask. For example, if you wanted an image of skulls, you can opt for a skull with a weapon or sword on it, which will be printed in a vibrant color.

Another option for custom face masks is by using garment straps, called elastic straps. These straps are typically used for things such as bibs, towels and even bandages. Elastic straps are used to attach a paper plate to a bag or to a towel. When you place your order, you specify how many elastic straps you will need to complete your mask. Usually the straps are pre-cut and ready to hang on the mask. Some companies will even cut and bind the fabric straps, if you are willing to spend extra for this service.

Custom printed face masks are great as gifts. You can either order them for a specific occasion, or if you know someone that would really enjoy one, consider giving it to them. The recipient can simply take it off, slip it over their head, and don’t have to worry about washing it or anything else. This type of gift is also a great way to give something nice to people that you do not necessarily know. If you cannot find the perfect printed mask that meets your needs, you can always have one made up for you that will truly be unique and of high quality.

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