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Custom Face Mask – Make Your Mark With One

What are custom face masks anyway? Face masks are small vinyl masks that fit over your entire face and are worn as an adhesive shield to cover gaps in your skin or for cosmetic effects. They come in a range of sizes, colors and styles. They can be printed or embroidered with any sort of design, symbol or picture you choose. Customized face masks are used in hospitals, private practices, day cares and military training sessions and are used by professional athletes and those who participate in sporting events.

What are custom face masks made of? They are made of many different materials including, but not limited to, vinyl, neoprene, spandex and Lycra. Custom printed face masks can be made of any material you would like but some of the more popular materials include, rubber, thermoplastic, PVC, plastic, cloth and vinyl. There are a number of suppliers online who can provide you with printed or embroidered face masks in whatever style you want.

Can you have custom printed or embroidered fabric face masks too? Yes, – there is an entire industry that specializes in printed or embroidered fabrics. These are particularly popular with cheerleaders and other sports teams who use them to show support for their team. Cheerleading team uniforms can also be made of 100% cotton, polyester, PVC and other man made fabrics.

Can you use custom printed or embroidered fabric face masks for promotional purposes as well? Of course – just think about all the sports teams, private practices and schools who use these for various purposes. They are often the favored method of dress for cheerleaders and other school girls.

You can get custom face masks in a variety of colors and designs, how do you make that decision though? Most people go with something they think they’ll like or at least tolerate, this often results in them being unhappy with their choice after washing them. We’ve all tried to wear bright and shiny ones only to hate them after we wash them. Try going with the washable ones instead – they aren’t only easier to care for but you can wash them over again without the fear of them fading.

So which custom face mask should you choose though? The one you end up with depends on your use and what is most important to you – whether it’s for cheerleading fashion or any other reason. Think about the material you want to use (silicone, Lycra, washable) as well as how much color and print you want on it.

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