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Custom Face Mask – Makes Your Halloween Costume Personalized Or Create One Yourself

Ditch the clinical appearance and make a customized face mask for your next party. Wear a bandana or other seasonal print to your next get-together or update your wardrobe with a new printed face mask that is sure to get you noticed. Match with a printed t-shirt or other slip-on apparel for a night on the town. These custom face masks come in a pack of either two or four and are comfortable, practical, stylish, and customizable. Simply use a sizing chart to determine the correct fit for your custom face mask

Choose from a variety of prints including animal prints, cartoon characters, floral, gladiator, multi-colored, polka dots, skulls, roses, and butterflies. Choose from a variety of materials including vinyl, canvas, cotton, polyester, and satin. The large selection of printed face masks also includes cute characters like puppies, kittens, felines, and bunnies. Select a print that will go well with your party theme. For example, if you’re throwing a cat party, look for a cute cat silhouette printed with a cat’s meow.

Make getting your custom face masks was the fun part. After you’ve decided on a design, printed with your choice of color and material and sized according to your facial size, it’s time to choose your style. From there you’ll have a wide range of options, including how many holes you’d like, what kind of accessories (flaps, zippers, Velcro, etc.) and whether you want your printed mask to have an embroidered shape, have a full-face illustration, a sketch, or have a combination of one or more of those features.

Once you’ve decided on these options, you’ll need to consider the materials and cleaning instructions. Washable face masks are easier to maintain, but if you’d prefer a machine washable mask, it’s simple enough. Simply wash it in warm water and dry on a gentle cycle. Machine washable face masks will last several years, so consider the cost of the item over its lifespan.

If you prefer, you can order blank face masks online. These are great for giving away as party favors or to increase the number of masks on hand at each event. Typically, blank face masks sell for under five dollars, making them cost-effective party favors. You can order them in bulk for even less.

Finally, there is another option: you can have your custom face masks created exactly to your specifications. If you know your facial dimensions, you can send a photo of yourself via email, along with a note explaining what size you’re looking for. We recommend that you have your face measured, so an accurate size chart can be generated easily. Once you’ve chosen your size, you can enter any other information about your face, including hair color, eye color, and skin tone. A professional mask maker will then create the image for you according to your specifications and email you the finished product.

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