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Custom Face Mask – Perfect For Your Next Product Giveaway

Custom face mask construction is a fun and economical way to update one’s look. Made with the same high quality materials as our printed vinyl masks, printed face masks offer the same benefits and versatility as a custom headpiece. Choose the style, color, material, print, and lining that’s right for your individualized needs and create a customized look for any time or occasion.

Printed Face Masks – Custom printed face masks come in a variety of print styles and materials. All printed face masks are available in pre-printed plastic masks for easy application and removal. Popular printed fabrics include cotton, polyester, nylon, PVC, and spandex/spandex blends. Cotton Face Masks, including Non-Surgical Polypropylene Cotton Face Mask and Cotton Blend Face Masks, are extremely comfortable and breathable; perfect for daily wear.

Non-Routine Face Masks – Pre-printed reusable face masks made of thermoplastic polymers. Available in PVC blends, these versatile, reusable masks are available in black, white, blue and clear vinyl prints. Easy to remove and clean, they are lightweight and durable. Also great for yoga and Pilates, these are great for long, clean-ups. Pre-printed reusable cotton face masks are available in non-allergenic and hypoallergenic versions.

Heavy Duty Face Masks – Durable, custom-face masks for heavy use. Heavy duty face masks with embroidered artwork and PVC/PVC blends. Available in black and white, two different size options; Heavy Duty Face Masks for heavy use provides increased comfort. Also great for yoga and Pilates.

Ear Loops – Customize with a set of ear loops. Eye and lip protectors included. Pre-printed with a Velcro closure. Eye and lip protectors are included with custom-fit ear loops.

There are many more options for your custom face mask. They can be made for you, or ordered from a catalog. Custom cloth face masks can be washed in the machine, using your own detergent. If you wish, you can also order your face mask, embroidered or not, online.

Amy Schlinger is a full time professional mom, who started her business in 2021. She has been designing and sewing custom face masks for many clients, and loves what she does. “I have learned that I can create products that my customers are happy with,” says Amy. The couple meets twice a week to talk about their future designs.

“The face cloth mask we designed was very nice. The customer really loved it. We made a few extra ones for friends,” she says. They plan to do more fabric projects this summer, such as photo blankets, to make mom’s home look a little more like her favorite vacation spot.

“We did our best to capture the essence of what mom wants. In our case, we used the child’s birthday. For our other clients, we chose to use the initials of the clients’ names,” says Amy. The custom logo ear loops on her embroidered cloth face masks are perfect for this kind of product giveaway. The gift will be a big hit, helping you to make new contacts, even if only among family and friends.

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