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Custom Face Mask Printing Services

Custom face masks are an excellent idea to add some character and fun to Halloween parties and themed events. For example, many children have been known to have a running wild with masks at Halloween in their neighborhood. Sometimes, kids will even steal other parents’ and relatives’ faces to use as masks! Customized face masks are the result of blending several different templates to form something entirely unique; no two templates are ever alike.

Whether you are in the business sector or simply wish to make something creative, we have you covered. You can choose from a number of different kinds of printed face masks which include: paper based, plastic based, and cloth based. All of these materials are great for creating a custom logo or slogan. When deciding upon the type of material, you can also have the printed message incorporated in a number of different ways: cross, stitched, screen printed, embroidered, printed, et cetera.

With all the variety of options available, it is pretty easy to come up with a design for your custom face masks. Simply find some template images on the Internet and use those as a guide in designing your own mask. However, not every template is going to work for every type of image. If you cannot find a template that you feel will work, you may want to use a photograph of your face and simply create the outline around the photo with the template that you have chosen.

The next step in designing your own Halloween mask is to choose a quality product. Often times, the face mask designs are referred to as ‘sleeves’ or ‘masks’, but they are actually a generic term used to describe the foam backing that is attached to the face mask. This backing is typically made out of a thick foam called ‘spandex’. If you want a more unique and customized look, consider purchasing custom printed sleeves that can be created according to your design requirements.

The printing process will take about an hour or so depending on how detailed you want to get. For custom printed face masks, you will need a large printer that uses dye sublimation technology. Typically, there is an eight by ten inch area that is printed on a color or black and white document. If you choose to use a colored photograph as your template, make sure that the photo is a color that can be transferred very easily onto cloth face masks. Do not worry too much about the quality of the photograph; most prints from online services are perfectly acceptable.

There are two options when it comes to custom printed face masks. The first option is to purchase a mask for a specific purpose, such as a Halloween mask. The second option is to purchase a disposable mask that you can take with you to a party or event, wash, and then replace when it gets dirty. Whichever option you choose, washing these disposable masks is a quick and easy process that does not require you to use any special cleaning products.

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