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Custom Face Mask Printing – Understanding The Technology

Creating custom face masks isn’t always easy, especially for beginners. There are some key points to consider when designing printed face masks. How do make a custom-design face mask with logo easy? It’s easy.

Every custom face mask product page has a ready-to-order face mask designer. Simply click “upload logo” and upload your art file (PNG or JPG). An updated, customized mask mock up is displayed right on the page, available for immediate purchase. Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided by the online seller. As an added convenience, you will receive your product within a few business days.

There are two options for customizing your mask: masking with an iron on application or using a printed cloth face lift system. Iron on transfers are great for social distancing and require no additional product. Cloth face lifts require that you prepare the face lift system, typically with a small amount of heat applied with a cloth. Once prepped, a high-pressure jet of water is directed on the cloth face lift, which pulls the fabric up over the iris of the eye and also raises the hairline for a clean look.

If you want a custom printed mask, the process is a bit more involved. The best option is a custom face mask with a custom logo created by a printing company using dye sublimation technology. With this system, a graphic designer creates a digital mask from high-resolution digital files, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Dye sublimation uses very precise levels of heat to transfer color and pattern from photographic images onto a soft vinyl material. This technology allows for a wide range of graphic design services to be completed quickly and inexpensively.

For most companies, the most economical option for customizing a custom face mask is to use a printed cloth face mask. Because the mask is produced in large quantities, printing companies generally charge the least amount for each piece they print. They may charge a little less per piece if you order a few pieces in bulk, but you must buy the extra materials yourself. You can save money by purchasing the cloth face masks at your local printer, where they offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Most printing companies use a combination of heat transfer and dye sublimation technology when creating custom face masks. They combine the best of both worlds to produce the most accurate color match possible. Heat transfer uses direct heat from a computer controlled machine to transfer the color to a high quality vinyl material, while dye sublimation uses an electrolyte solution that transfers the color to the skin with very little heat transfer. Dye sublimation printers offer the highest quality of results, which are achieved by using multiple cartridges, but they cost the most out of all the printer types.

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