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Custom Face Mask – The Importance of Buying One For Your Business

So how much are custom face masks really worth? The price of your custom face masks greatly depends on a couple of different factors, such as the quantity of masks you request and the variety of colors used within your design. Previously, it was necessary to have your mask made exactly to fit you perfectly. But with today’s advanced technologies and materials, this is no longer the case. So how do you find out how much your custom mask is worth? Here are some things to consider:

o Price. Custom printed face masks can range from a couple of dollars to about $40 or more, depending on the size of the order and the complexity of the design. To find the best price, simply figure out how many printed masks you need, how many colors are in your design, and how complicated the design is. By making your design as detailed as possible, you can usually come up with an accurate price based on your total order.

o Quality. There is nothing worse than ordering custom printed face masks only to receive them in poor condition. Always make sure that the company you’re ordering from offers a good return policy. Some companies will allow you to send back the printed mask if it is not what you expected, but there are also some who will require you to pay for shipping in case they are unable to deliver the mask in the way you expect. To make sure that you get your money’s worth, make sure that you choose a reputable store that will provide a good refund/return policy.

o Shipping time. Custom printed face masks, when ordering online, may take anywhere from two to eight weeks to be delivered. This is dependent upon the shipping company and the speed of delivery. If you need your mask right away, make sure to place your order during one of the few days that the store has open, otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next shipment schedule.

o Kids masks. Although most face masks made for adults are suitable for those over the age of 18, there are some that are made specifically for children. You should keep in mind that not all designs are suitable for kids. So before you buy any kids’ printed mask, make sure that the design is suitable for the age of your child.

When it comes to the prices, custom face masks can cost as much as $30 each, but the quality can vary widely. If you want custom printed masks but do not have a lot of money to spare, then settle for one of the cheaper generic ones available in several online and retail stores. While these face masks may not last for long and won’t look as good as the more expensive ones, they will still be much lower in price than the customized ones. Face mask designs that are created specifically for an adult will usually be made out of high quality vinyl with excellent cutting details. However, the cheaper printed face masks may also look good enough when compared to the higher-priced ones.

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