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Custom Face Mask – Washable, Non-Washing Machine-Washable, Reusable

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to leather saddlebags or just a convenient way to minimize the impact of your sweaty fingers when biking or running, you could make a good pack of two or three custom face masks suitable for your needs. Just add your logo on it, to make you and your team even more identifiable on the road. With printed face masks you can also make a stand out in the bunch. If there is a competition, you may want to use the custom mask as a voting tool. Who knows, you may even win some cool prizes!

Cycling is very popular these days and there are many ways to cut down on the impact of your sweat. You could buy yourself a custom cloth face mask made of cotton and stuff it with polyester fibers. This would be a great choice to cut down even more on the sweat before you lace up your biking shoes. It will not only keep you dry but also keep your hair out of your eyes.

In fact, you might want to do away with the printed face masks this time around. Instead, you should opt for the custom face masks that have a neoprene coating. The Neoprene will absorb the sweat but will release it slowly. This will allow you to keep the rest of your skin dry and fresh, without having to worry about the impact of the accumulated sweat. The Neoprene coated mask is a little bit more expensive than the regular printed ones but you will surely get your money’s worth.

Speaking of money, another great investment you could make to save yourself from excess sweating is a pre-soak garment. Pre-soaks are designed to be worn several times before you have to wash it. They are usually very colorful and come in exciting themes. You can choose a washable theme that suits your personality or one that complements the colors of your bike. Washable pre-sales garments are also available online so there is no need to go shopping.

If you are really keen on saving some money, you could try getting reusable bicycle caps. These are custom face masks that can be washed in the machine. And since you have to spend just once, you will be able to reap considerable savings compared to buying new ones.

If you do not care too much about saving money or finding the most cost effective solution, you could always go for washable bicycle caps and custom face masks. With these in hand, you will always be prepared and you will never find yourself in need of a wash machine again. The only thing that you would have to worry about is whether your face would remain clean and fresh after you have cleaned it with the machine. But when it comes to these products, no worries because they have already been tried and tested so you won’t have to worry about wasting water or electricity.

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