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Custom Face Masking – Great For Fundraising

Custom face masks have recently become an innovative symbol of respect, integrity, and purity for our society’s protection of others. Face masking has become a popular way to display one’s military or community service history, thus expressing a feeling of solidarity with fellow service members or community groups. While custom face masks can be a touching tribute to loved ones or a commemorative tool for remembering an achievement, they do much more than simply adorn our faces. Printed face masks come in a wide array of materials and can be used for more than just commemorating a milestone or completing a task.

The most popular use for custom face masks is during fundraisers to help fund special projects or events. Games of all shapes and sizes are held at schools, churches, baseball arenas, conventions, fairs, and more to benefit a cause or build awareness. Because face masks must remain comfortable for the wearer, no matter what game, sport, or event they are participating in, custom printed face masks can be a great promotional tool. Custom printed masks can also be used as promotional tools during special sales events. These items can include items such as ball caps, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, or sweatshirts with custom prints on them.

Custom printed full length, half sleeve, or face masks can also be used during special ceremonies. Funerals, anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties, graduation, and other special occasions can all be highlighted with a custom face mask designed to reflect the personality of the celebrant. Many funeral attendees choose to wear funeral themed printed backpacks, t-shirts, or comforters featuring a picture of the deceased on it. Popular themes for backpacks, t-shirts, or comforters that may be selected for a funeral include: cross, agles, oragles, wings, roses, the lily of the valley, and more.

Another popular way to display a custom face mask is by using it for fundraising. A sewing machine washable cloth face mask can be sewn into a t-shirt or sweatshirt to raise funds for an organization. Since almost every person who will see the garment will have their own use for it, a large profit can be made by selling thousands of prints. In the past, this type of promotional tool has been used for church wardens to frighten away criminals, but today, anyone from school kids to businessmen can use them as a tool for raising funds.

In addition to using custom faces to promote certain causes or products, companies can print their own slogans, names, or sayings onto the faces of their custom printed t-shirts or sweatshirts. Printing a slogan directly onto a face mask gives the company the ability to have a slogan permanently attached to the mask, making it easy for employees, customers, or passersby to remember the brand. This method is often preferred over using magnets or small sticks to permanently imprint a slogan on clothing because the magnet method can easily damage or melt a cloth face mask over time. Using custom ink to print slogans onto custom masks is a much more cost effective and long-lasting method of advertisement.

Custom printed hats are also very popular promotional tools. Customers will receive custom printed hoodies, caps, or hats to wear with their regular or casual attire. While using a custom printed hat for promotion may seem more costly than other methods of advertising, the low cost of these items allows for very deep discounts on bulk orders. Many companies opt to run their entire promotional product line through one printing company in order to receive the best deals and to save money on printing costs. All types of promotional printed products, including custom printed hats and shirts can be purchased through a single printer in order to save money and increase profit margins.

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