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Custom Face Masks

Etsy sellers can not make health or medical claims on their Custom Face Mask listings. More specifically, we are talking about the Medicus brand of face masks. We have received many complaints from potential customers who have bought from an Etsy seller that is selling Medicus masks and are not being told that it is not covered by a healthcare policy. If you sell Custom Face Masks on your Etsy site, you should know that you may have to comply with the federal and state laws governing these types of masks.

The first thing that you need to know when it comes to making Medicus Face Masks is that there is no Federal statute in place that explicitly states that the manufacturer has to provide health coverage. However, if your buyer informs you that he or she requires Medications from Medicus and the store sells the mask anyway, this is considered as fraudulent insurance sales, and you may be liable for a fine.

The Federal Trade Commission does not regulate the production and distribution of Medicus products. Therefore, there are no government or FTC regulations in place. You should also consider the fact that each state has its own regulations regarding the manufacture and distribution of facial and medical products.

In most states, a person who manufactures or distributes Medicus masks should provide proof of liability insurance. You may want to have your buyer provide you a medical certificate in order to prove that he or she requires these products. You should also consider the fact that the state you live in may have a minimum age requirement before selling these masks.

A lot of people buy these masks from other websites that sell Medicus products, but unfortunately, not all of these places provide insurance or the required documentation in order to prove that the individual purchasing it is a legal adult. Because these products are made for very young children, they are not always made with FDA approved ingredients.

The Medicus masks themselves are not defective in any way. However, you should make sure that they are not dangerous for your customer to use. In many cases, they can be potentially fatal.

The customer’s age is very important. This is especially true if the customer is very young. If the buyer turns out to be a teen or a child, they will not usually have insurance or medical coverage, which is a very large part of the reason why this product is sold on the internet.

The last thing that you need to know is that Medicus does not do any type of background check before selling their products. You should look for this information in the policy before making any purchase from them.

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