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Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Masks

The Custom Face Mask is a popular choice for kids, because it gives an added dimension of fun to Halloween masks. Face masks are a practical way to lend a personal touch to any outfit. When you know what your friends want to get in their costumes, the accessories just flow naturally. When designing a custom face mask, be sure you make a huge splash when it comes to the rest of your costume. This is your chance to dress up like your favorite pop star or other movie or television character.

The Custom Face Mask is available in four different sizes to allow for each child’s unique face measurement. The sizing of the Custom Face Mask is determined by your child’s head circumference. The custom-fitted soft silicone ear loops of each Custom Face Mask ensure a snug and secure fit for little boys and girls, while the adjustable elastic ear-loops of each style assure a comfortable and close fit for most adults. Each mask is made using the latest materials, such as the Phylon fiber, which creates a fabric that drapes well and holds the shape of your face better than typical polyester.

The Phylon fiber utilized in creating the Custom Face Mask is woven into a durable nylon material. A portion of the yarn is dyed black, so it will remain consistent with the color of your child’s hair. The elastic ear-loops on all four sizes of Custom Face Masks can be adjusted to snugly fit the ears and head, while providing a secure fit around your face. The custom masks are available in two different styles: standard and princess style. Standard faces come with an elastic band attached to the top of each ear, while princess style faces have elastic band attached to either side of each ear.

Both standard and princess cloth face masks are available in either sleeveless or fully sleeved styles. The sleeveless custom face mask is constructed using high quality stretch polyester, which makes it more comfortable and easier to put on and remove. The lightweight polyester also prevents the mask from becoming hot during prolonged wear. The lightweight cloth construction will allow for the ease of changing hats or bandannas without tearing or pulling them off.

The Phylon fiber used in the creation of each custom-face masks ensures a tight fit around your child’s head and a durable solution for customizing any outfit. Every piece of clothing created by Wigs for Kids is made with the same high quality standards. All the standard and princess cloth face masks are machine washable and contain zippers at the neck, which allows easy removal of your child’s costume. No matter what your child wears, there will always be a cute, colorful face mask for their next costume party. The possibilities are endless.

Wigs for Kids offers all types of custom and reusable face masks that are perfect for Halloween, costume parties, medical or dental visits, and school activities. Their affordable prices make them a great value and a fun way to personalize your child’s wardrobe. You can find the perfect mask for every occasion and make your child look like a Hollywood starlet. Take advantage of Wigs For Kids coupons and find the one that’s right for your child.

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