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Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Masks

Custom face masks are an incredibly powerful and inexpensive way to create a one-of-a-kind expression of your individuality. It is so easy to use. Simply add your logo, art design or photograph to a blank mask. Select a style – traditional, cartoon, celebrity, glamour – whatever you wish. Once your selection is made, your custom printed face masks are ready to print.

Customized printed face masks can be used as commissions, for promotions, marketing events or corporate gifts. Each printed mask is unique because it is made only from your own photo or art. It is made in accordance with our exact specifications. You choose the size, color, fabric and more. The finished mask is a one-of-a-kind creation using your own photograph or art.

It’s so simple. Just select your chosen image or art print, choose a style, color and then enter a four-digit code. Your order will then be processed and shipped directly to you, usually within three business days. Simply peel off your mask after your purchase, hang on a door knob or other convenient location and enjoy your new look. Printed face masks can be used for promotion, live performances, private parties, exhibitions and TV/DVD presentations.

Printed Face Masks is made in two different processes: Direct Plastic Printing and Airbrush Plastic Printing. This process involves direct ink-jet printing on high-quality, durable vinyl. Our high quality vinyl comes with a UV cure protection that makes sure your prints last for years to come. High-end custom face masks also feature gloss, matte, satin or metallic finishes, allowing you to complement your event’s theme or personalize your appearance.

Face cloth face masks are another popular item used at tradeshows and conferences. A cloth face mask usually has a clear vinyl covering and is available in either a “slim” version that provides a slim look, or a “peel-less” version that provides a thicker, fuller look. The peel-and-stick vinyl material keeps the shape of your face while peeling away from the hairline to reveal the smooth skin underneath. Both types of cloth face masks are available in a wide selection of colors. Custom printed cloth face masks are also easy to take off and replace, making them appropriate for any type of function.

If you need a printed mask and don’t want to have to wash it after you use it, our custom-face masks made of washable fabrics are the best option. Washable fabrics eliminate the need to wash your mask after each use, saving you valuable time and money. We carry a variety of print options including everything from simple, color-blocking designs to complex, detailed patterns and multi-colored schemes – you’re sure to find one that works for your needs.

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