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Custom Face Masks – Create Your Own Look

A Custom Face Mask is the perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind look or even the most common facial appearance. All it takes is some time to decide what you want, how to get started and then you’ll be all set. Your Custom Face Mask is the one piece of clothing you won’t be able to live without. Use size charts below to figure out the right fit for your new custom mask. Follow these simple guidelines and your custom mask will last longer and make more of a fashion statement than it’s designed for!

Wash your face before you place your mask on. Choose a mild soap or hand wash, and try to avoid any products that can irritate your skin, such as astringents or moisturizers. When you’re done washing, use a mild unscented hand towel to dry off. Don’t forget to add a little baby oil into the palm of your hand to keep your skin soft and supple as you finish drying!

Once your mask is dry, don’t move it until it’s completely dry. You don’t want your face mask to stick to your face. If it doesn’t come off, don’t worry, though. Simply take a cotton towel and wipe away any excess moisture. You’re now ready to put your face mask on. If you’re going to wear the mask, try to use the same size or larger mask that you used when you made the original purchase. The original mask may have been too large for your face, which will result in gaps that may not look good.

If you’re putting the mask on over makeup or foundation, simply put it on and move your eyes to adjust it to your natural eyelid position. If you’re wearing sunglasses, pull them up and make sure they’re resting directly on your eye. If you aren’t wearing glasses, then simply tilt your head slightly upward until your glasses are at a proper level.

Put your custom printed face mask on by sliding it over your nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Then, start at the bottom of your nose and work your way up. Once it’s in place, slide your fingers under the nose bridge and slowly push it down your throat. to ensure that it is firmly attached. Make sure you use a firm grip and don’t force the mask on. This might result in cracking or breaking the mask, so always make sure you do it slowly.

Hang your mask to dry over a shaded area to ensure that it is completely dry. Don’t forget to let it air out in the sun to give it some time to properly dry. If you feel the mask starting to peel, gently pat it gently with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing your face with your hands and instead let it air out using an air pump if necessary. Once you’ve thoroughly dried, you can now begin your next project, creating your own masterpiece with your Custom Face Mask!

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