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Custom Face Masks for Different Purposes

Custom face masks are a popular choice of promotional giveaway. Promote your brand with custom printed face masks and appeal to customers with an attractive range of styles, colours and materials. Masks offer a flexible solution for conveying your corporate messages without compromise. Disinfect the printed face mask with the appropriate disinfectant. Be sure to follow the hygiene instructions printed on the mask.

Custom printed face masks can be hand made, pre made, or factory produced. Pre made printed fabric face masks are often soft and contain a mesh backing, which allows the face mask to breathe whilst being worn. Face masks made from pre-made materials are usually hard wearing but also have mesh backing, which allows the mask to breath whilst being worn. Face masks made from cloth face masks are most popular, due to their durability and softness, although they do not breathe well and may tear or wash out quickly.

Printed disposable masks are ideal for the day, being very economical. They are also available in a variety of styles, colours, and materials including, fleece/wool, vinyl, polyester, PVC, memory foam, and mesh. Popular disposable face masks include the reusable Face Mask by SmittyBilt, Smelly Feet, and Smelly Feet 2.0. All are machine washable in warm water and dryer temperature.

Printed face masks can also be customised with your logo, message, slogan or company name. Customized embroidery, screen printing options give you endless design possibilities. For the environmentally conscious there are ‘green’ disposable face masks available. Available in PVC or polypropylene, these eco-friendly masks are machine washable and come with detailed instructions for cleaning. Available in a wide range of bright colours, these reusable face masks are great for fundraisers and special events.

If money is tight, there are still options for those who want a custom printed high quality, disposable face mask. The premium Face Mask by SmittyBilt is ideal for fundraisers and special events. It’s a great alternative to custom printed premium masks which often have very high prices! This is because the premium version by SmittyBilt has been designed and produced using a modern, high-tech production process that incorporates extremely high end print quality, vibrant colour printing and cutting edge cutting.

There are many ways to promote a business. However, sometimes it is necessary to choose effective methods that are cost effective and also help spread the word about your company. Custom face masks are an easy and inexpensive way to get your company logo and product name into the general public. With the right advertising, you can make sure that the attention your brand receives is long-lasting, as face masks are very effective at drawing attention to your company.

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