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Custom Face Masks – Ideal for Special Occasions

Custom face masks now have become an international symbol of respect, purity, and hygiene for the protection of all humans. Printed Face Masks comes in many varieties and is available in either disposable or permanent varieties. Disposable face masks come in the form of mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, or pillows which can be customized with a custom printed face mask of your choice. These printed or personalized face masks can be used by children, adults, infants, or anyone in between. They are easy to apply with the use of any hand application kit and are perfect for holiday use at home, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, hospitals, businesses, trade shows, and just about anywhere! Temporary face masks, t-shirts, tote bags, or pillows are also a popular choice for temporary purposes.

Printed Face Masks that says Dr. Sonpal offer excellent protection to the wearer. The face masks to prevent and contain small air particles that can enter into the nose and throat and cause infections and allergic reactions. They also prevent large airborne bacteria from entering into the mouth, which can cause severe dental health problems. Each piece is machine washable or dry cleaned for ultimate comfort.

The quality of a printed or custom face mask is determined by the fabric of the mask is made from. The most durable fabric is 100% polyester mesh which is known to withstand harsh cleaning and can easily be washed. The next most durable material is vinyl which has a vinyl coating applied over a polyester mesh base. Both fabrics are excellent in terms of resilience to stains and dirt. Molded printed or facial masks that utilize these two most durable materials are also very popular.

Many companies now offer a wide selection of premium face masks as well as disposable versions. Premium masks which are washable are the most popular option. These can be found in several different materials including, cotton, nylon and polyester/spandex blends. The disposable varieties come in small soft fit soft vinyl or disposable one earloops that often have a soft elastic band at the edge. These earloops are great for athletes who participate in high-impact sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby and lacrosse.

The premium face mask options available are designed to meet specific needs and requests. Whether it’s a simple design or a custom embroidered design, the quality of a custom printed fabric face masks is one of the most important factors in the decision process. High quality products provide a comfortable fit, which prevents the individual from feeling self-conscious about their appearance. They provide excellent coverage that effectively muffle allergens and prevent irritations of the nose and throat. Superior materials allow the wearer to remain comfortable even when engaged in vigorous activity.

For those who require complete coverage of the nasal passages, there are also mouth masks that include built-in HEPA filters. These custom logo or monogrammed cloth face masks feature a patented snap closure system which keeps the wearer’s nasal passages free and clear. Other specialty cloth face mask options include washable, durable nylon and polyester blend with a snap closure or secure Velcro fastener closure. These types of custom logo or monogrammed cloths are often worn by cheerleaders, football players, skiers, riders, hockey players, or other athletic-based organizations.

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