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Custom Face Masks Is Perfect For Your Wedding

Custom Face Masks is a great way to express your individuality and style! They are perfect for the bride to be, the little boy who wants his parents to look as great as he does, the little girl who wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and even the mommy to be, who wants her little one to look just like her!

Custom Face Mask

Every customized face mask is completely comfortable and highly breathable and is made from high quality, latex-free air permeable fabric. Your customized face mask can be shipped in 2-4 business days (M-F, 11am-7pm Pacific Time) for an extra charge. Most of these face masks come with an easy to follow installation guide that includes video instructions. Your custom printed face mask will be ready to be shipped in 2-4 Business days.

Once you receive your mask, you will be ready to send it back to us or the manufacturer if you are ordering online. Your printed face mask will be packaged well, with bubble wrap so that the package will not crack, and with no boxes, packaging materials or labels. You should also include a copy of your wedding invitation, which should contain the date, time and place for the event. Make sure to enclose a photograph of the bride to be or groom.

If you are ordering online, please be sure to check your spam folders, and double check any e-mail addresses before sending your order. Your custom printed face mask should be delivered to you in time to be worn the day of your wedding.

To protect your custom printed face mask, you may want to keep it inside a plastic bag, if the seal has not yet been broken. Be sure to take care when removing your face mask and clean it with a damp cloth or soft sponge when finished. Once removed from the bag, be sure to store it in a dry, cool area where it will not touch any items that are placed on top of it, such as shoes.

After purchasing your face mask, be sure to follow the instruction included with your purchase to properly care for it. Use a soft, moist cloth, preferably cotton, to clean it once it has arrived at your home. Place your face mask on your face once it is cleaned, but before it is attached to your face.

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