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Custom Face Masks Makes a Comeback

Every time we see a custom face mask worn by anyone at any event, it’s a moment to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. It’s not that a group of people was not dressed appropriately, it’s the way it’s all turned into a horrible spectacle of face mask use.

The worst scenario is when it’s a wedding, you see a wedding party come out of the church, and it’s a pair of girls wearing custom face masks, that’s the worse. Everyone knows that wearing a face mask is not the proper thing to do, but it seems to be accepted. If they keep their hands to themselves they will get a good reception, so their intention is not to be obnoxious.

Even if a crowd just starts chanting “whole hearted god damn Satan” and you’re wearing a custom-face mask, people will see you as the bad guy and stop giving you attention. It’s an annoying and disgusting display of hypocrisy.

You know what makes my skin crawl the most about people wearing custom face masks? When people go out and choose to wear a custom-face mask to a high school or college football game. I think this is the pinnacle of wearing custom face masks. You may disagree, and that’s fine.

Most everyone wants to see the face mask wearing event at a college football game, and this is because the college teams have been “supposed” to be presenting the team with the trophy for winning the game. Everyone wants to see these people winning, but it really doesn’t matter. If they aren’t winning the game, then they are losing their right to have a custom-face mask.

Another example would be the coaches of the teams they are supposed to be cheering for. It’s all a lie, and all the trophies given to the winning team were given for them to wear face masks. The only thing that matters at this point is winning, and not showing up to a sporting event wearing a custom-face mask.

If you have kids attending a school that is using custom-face masks, it’s OK for them to wear a custom-face mask as long as they don’t have an opportunity to win anything. That is their purpose, and all that matters is winning. Nobody cares if the team wins, they care if they wear the face mask to prevent embarrassment.

I am sure there are lots of people that make the mistake of wearing a custom-face mask when they are not supposed to be wearing one. This will get you called a bunch of names, which are not going to help your situation. Let me say this, don’t wear a custom-face mask, it will make you look like a complete idiot.

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