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Custom Face Masks – What Makes Them So Special

Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Masks – What Makes Them So Special

Custom Face Masks offers a secure and comfortable fit that covers the mouth and nose and can accommodate all types of facial shapes. It is all thanks to some nifty little piece of paper technology called Kirigami (which if you’re not familiar is simply a Japanese term for wrapping paper) which allows an individual to create a custom printed face mask with customized face printing.

Custom masks are made with custom paper that allows for a wide variety of customization including:

* Customization of the shape and size of the face mask. A person can have a custom-shaped mask that is one-size-fits-all or has a small face mask made for a large, oversized face. You can also have a mask with a specific design or shape for a child or pet.

* Customization of the print on the face mask itself. You can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

* Customization of the type of fabric the mask is created out of. This allows the person making the mask to have the exact same look on both the face and neck. A person can have a face mask that is created out of cloth or a soft fabric, such as a cotton blend fabric. Or they can also be made out of a thicker material such as leather.

* The printing on the face mask itself can be a customized print, such as a monogram, a name or even a graphic. The more detailed your custom printed face mask is the more customized it becomes.

* A face mask that has an image on it can add to the overall look of the mask. For example a person could have a picture of their family pet, a favorite baseball team or even a picture of their own face printed on the mask.

* Customized masks come in many different sizes. You can have a mask that fits perfectly on a face and that is half the size or you can get custom made masks that are the right size for every single part of the face. Even your ears!

* Custom masks come in any color that you like. You can have a face mask that is white, blue or a light pink. You can also find custom made masks that are in different colors such as orange, yellow, green, black and purple. or even different patterns such as stripes or zebra.

* Your custom printed face mask can be a one-of-a-kind. Because these masks are made to order, you can have an image customized on your mask so that it looks as unique as you want it to be.

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